Finding the Right Care Call Signwave Movement Kit for You

27 January 2016  |  John

Now that you know you want to focus your Care Call Signwave kit around movement, now’s the time to decide which movement monitor you want to use. There are three different types of movement monitors in the Care Call range, and each of them is suited to different needs.

If you are unsure whether you need a Care Call movement detector with your Signwave, please visit our blog on choosing your Signwave Alarm Kit or alternatively, return to the start of our blog series on finding the perfect Care Call alarm!

Step Three: Choosing a Movement Monitor

Please click on the option you are interested in below, or scroll down to find out more about these choices.

PIR Movement Monitor

The Care Call PIR Movement Monitor uses infrared sensors to detect movement, and will alert the Signwave when it does. This helps enable you to prevent wandering by knowing when someone is moving around so that you can come to their aid before they injure themselves. One of the most common uses of the PIR monitor is as a bed leaving monitor in place of bed sensor mat or a floor sensor mat for those who are at risk of strangulation or tripping on the cables or mat.

And because it uses infrared to detect movement, it won’t be set off by inanimate objects like duvets trailing off the bed – only living things can be picked up by the alarm.

Under Carpet Pressure Pad

The Care Call Under Carpet Pressure Pad detects when someone steps on it and alerts the Signwave. Like the PIR Monitor, this helps to reduce wandering by alerting you when someone is up and about who shouldn’t be. Unlike the PIR sensor though, this product is great for monitoring a specific point on the floor, like a doorway – making it great for ensuring that people that are unsafe on their own don’t leave their rooms without assistance.

The carpet pad kits include a Mini Monitor, which is what transmits the alert to the Signwave and connects to the carpet pad. This helps make the pad slimmer and means it can safely be placed under mats or carpets to better hide it.

Magnetic Door Monitor

The Care Call Magnetic Door Monitor detects when a door or window opens and alerts the Signwave. Like the Under Carpet Pressure Pad, this makes it great for ensuring that people don’t leave their room without help, but unlike the carpet pad the door monitor is incredibly versatile. Because it can be placed on a window, it helps to prevent serious accidents. It’s also great for alerting you to people under your care going into places they shouldn’t, like certain rooms or cupboards.