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22 December 2015  |  Alex
Our Sticker System: What it All Means

Want to know more about the sticker system on Care Then you're in the right place! Find our latest products, full kits and stand alone systems with greater ease. Our stickers make finding your perfect care alarm a breeze!

14 December 2015
PIR Detectors: Freeze! ...Literally

In this day and age, there are many different technologies that work by reacting to a human’s presence or absence. We cannot walk down the street without something reacting to our movement – automatic doors, hand-dryers and burglar alarms to name just a few. We live in an automated world.

14 December 2015
Pendant Alarms for the Elderly: Preventing a Pain in the Neck

Arming your grandparents or parents with panic buttons and fall alarms is a great way of keeping an eye on them. Whether the signal is sent to a carer or to yourself, you know you will be informed if something happens to them.

14 December 2015
Dealing with Dementia: Available Alarms

Both suffering with and caring for someone with dementia is a difficult and straining time. The memory loss is only part of it; changes in behaviour can be hard to deal with and the constant concern over their movements can be a drain.

14 December 2015
Dealing with Dementia: Coming To Terms With Everything

Lost. Confused. Angry. Frustrated.

Emotions of a person suffering from dementia. Emotions they cannot express because they do not understand why they are feeling them.