Our Sticker System: What it All Means

22 December 2015  |  Alex

If you've been browsing Care Alarms.co.uk, you will have naturally come across these curious stickers on some of our selected products:

The big question is what exactly do they mean?


Our "New" label means exactly what it says on the tin – these are our latest available products, fresh off the production line and ready to make a splash. New products can include anything from a brand-spanking new range that has come to revolutionise the market to great new additions for your existing systems. We select our product ranges with great care, ensuring that we have nothing but the best for you and your loved ones.

Full Kit

If you see a product labelled "Full Kit", it means that the kit includes everything that you need to have an effective Care Alarm. A full kit can be anything from an epilepsy sensor for connecting to a Nurse Call system to a simple pendant/pager panic system. Any product that has the "Full Kit" sticker can form a functional alarm without any additional purchases. Some Full Kit products can however be used in conjunction with other products to make them more functional – please see the product pages for more information.

All In One

All In One products are neither kits nor parts they're – self contained systems that require no additional accessories for effective use. Whether it is something simple like a Tabtime Pill Cutter to a complex and sophisticated dementia aid like the MemRabel 2, these products are not designed for compatibility with other systems and will function without any additional devices. All In One products are ideal for combating a single issue that you are having in an easy and effective manner.

Practical Parts

Our stickers don't simply stop with these three, we also have a range of Part Stickers as seen below. These stickers indicate that the product is not suitable for use on its own and is perfect for identifying exactly what the part can be used for.

Once again, each one of these stickers has been chosen to tell you, at a glance, about your chosen product.


Transmitters, alongside receivers, are an integral part of how care alarms work. They can be used to transmit a wide array of data – anything from the sound of a baby crying to someone stepping on a mat. Products that have the "Transmitter" sticker are not suitable for use on their own but can either be connected to external sensors (see below for more information) or used with a receiver. To ensure that you have the right transmitter for your receiver, please check the copy carefully.


Products that have the Pendant label are personal panic alarms that can be carried around with you. As with all of the products in the part range, they do not form an alarm independently and must be used with a receiver in order to create a functioning alarm system. The advantage of pendant alarms is that they are easily portable and allow the user to send a message quickly no matter what their issue might be. Pendant alarms are commonly worn around the neck (hence the name) but may also include wristwatch style buttons.


Receivers are an integral part of every care alarm – if you can tell when an alarm is going off, then it is completely ineffective. Receivers come in a wide range of styles including pager receivers, which can vibrate or display text (depending on the style), flash receivers, and even bed-shakers. Which receiver you require can be as important as what you are looking to detect and it is crucial that you find the right receiver to match your needs.


Sensors are the part of your alarm that detect when there is something amiss, whether it be a sensor for smoke, sound (such as a baby's cry), or movement. While some sensors may double up as transmitters, sending information straight to a receiver, others require an external transmitter for effective use. To avoid confusion please always check the product listing carefully to see which parts are needed to create a full alarm.


Products with the Power sticker are designed to charge or provide an alternative to battery power for your existing alarm parts. These products are designed to facilitate the use of your alarm rather than to add to its function, making them different to the other products with a different parts sticker. Power packs and chargers are ideal for ensuring that you're never caught without juice when your alarm needs it.


Mats are a common element in a range of different alarm systems as they are a simple and effective way of detecting movement and are ideal for use with anti-wandering alarms. The mats are pressure sensitive and can be used to detect when pressure is applied (for example, when someone approaches a door) as well as when pressure is relieved (such as getting up from a bed or chair). These simple yet effective alarms ensure that you can detect unwanted movement and can be used with people who are suffering with dementia.

Simple Stickers

Now that you know what you're looking at, it'll be far easier to find the best solution to your problems. Be sure to check our our wide range of kits and compatible parts at Care Alarms.