Outside Alarms: The Big, Wide World

21 December 2015

Maintaining your independence means holding onto your confidence in your own home. There are alarms to monitor your every move – whether you leave a chair or a bed, whether doors open or movement is detected. If you fall, if you are in any distress or even if you just need assistance, there is a button at hand to summon aid.

But the majority of these alarms only have a range great enough to be used within the house. The gap between life inside and out can feel like a crevice too wide to jump, a step too far. Especially if you struggle with memory problems; wandering outside could lead you to become disorientated and lose your way. This could lead to distress, injuries and such a loss of confidence that you never wish to venture out again.

If that is the case, then independent living isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

Outside Alarms

There are a number of alarms that are designed for use outside to help you maintain your confidence. These range from doorbell amplifiers to trackers to make sure the outside world does not become a dangerous place.

For vulnerable people, the front door can prove to be an obstacle. Hearing the doorbell is one issue, then identifying the visitor is another. There are too many scams about strangers forcing their way into a home. But here on Care Alarms, there are a number of video intercom systems that can be put in place, as well as a range of doorbell amplifiers to ensure that you hear it. All are designed to be positioned on the outside of the house to monitor the comings and goings.

Making it past the door widens up the issues. Memory loss is a big problem, especially if you end up in an area unfamiliar to you. There are now a number of trackers available that will enable a loved one or carer to stay alerted to your whereabouts through the use of GPS, mobiles or even systems set up with carephones to ensure they are alerted when you move further away from home. If you know you can get home, you can maintain your confidence and stay active.

Why do I Need an Outside Alarm?

It might not seem as important to have alarms suited for outside. After all, there is more chance of people being around and being able to provide assistance. But being lost bears no mark, gives no sign. Unless you seek help – and that involves knowing you require it – no one will realise there is a problem.

Outside alarms have a longer range than house ones and are designed with wanderings and hard of hearing problems in mind. They are able to provide you with the assistance you need, wherever you may end up.

There are a number of Outside Alarms here at Care Alarms. Take a look now.