​Sleep Tight: Safety Alarms at Bed Time

21 December 2015

Care is universal, which is why here at Care Alarms.co.uk we stock a range of devices for every room in the house, and beyond. From the slippery hazards of a damp bathroom floor or the fire hazards of the kitchen, heading out and about, or needing to know when someone’s coming back in, we have a huge selection or alarms, motion detectors, monitors and pagers to make sure safety is always assured.

Whether you are looking after a child, relative or elderly patient, you’re sure to worry about their wellbeing and never more so than during the night. Fearing falls, worrying about wandering or being bothered by bed wetting - concern about a loved one’s night sleep can soon see the end of your own. Our care systems put an end to your sleepless nights, making bedrooms as safe as possible, to make your duties as a carer that much easier.

Shake Awake

Hovering over the sleeping form of a loved one might seem like the only fail-safe way to make sure they are safe, especially if they suffer from health issues such as seizures, but long nights of nervous monitoring only detracts from your own health and will soon begin to affect your concentration during the day. With pillow pads, like Silent Alert’s compact but powerful model, vibrating alert kits such as Bellman’s Bed Shaker,  and bed sensor mats like the Emfit you can still enjoy a good night’s sleep, being woken only when necessary. Worried parents no longer have to fray their nerves, Medpage’s Seizure Movement Monitor is designed specifically for the detection of epileptic fits, is sensitive enough to pick up a vast range of seizure types and is suitable for both infant and adult users.

Relax and Recharge

You’re not the only one who needs to recharge your batteries. Care Call and Silent Alert pagers slip into charger bases for night time charging without interrupting alerts and still connect to the pillow pad to make sure you’re awake should an incident take place. The Medpage Pagers are just as clever about their battery life, alerting you for a full 2 weeks before their batteries finally fail, so you’ll have no excuse for not getting around to it. When morning comes round we’ve got just the thing to make sure you’re up and ready to go, the Bellman Alarm Clock uses sounds and vibrations to make sure you never miss your alarm again.

What a Wanderful Night

For those prone to wandering or who are likely to trip or fall should they leave the bed, bed mats and PIR sensors make sure you’re the first to be alerted to any errant bed-leaving. From the completely wireless Rondish Bed Mat System to the wall mounted Care Call Bed Leaving System, there are a variety of options to help make monitoring suit your personal preferences. For those looking for an even more personal touch, try the Medpage MPPL Bed Occupancy System with Voice Alert, a fantastic device that allows you to make a personal voice recording, be it a warning, a greeting or reminder, which is automatically played to your loved one when they leave the bed.

Home and Dry

A range of Incontinence Sensors such as the EnuSens Enuresis Sensor help you care for children yet to leave behind the bed-wetting stage, or for elderly patients you want to ensure are kept dry and comfortable. Undetectable when placed on the bed, enuresis sensors require very little liquid to be triggered, allowing you to act at once. 

If you're looking for a little care in the bedroom, why don't you check out the Care Alarms full range of Bedroom Alarms?