Medication Reminders

3 December 2015

Have you ever set out to do something, but midway forgotten what it was you came to do in the first... hang on, what were we saying?

Everyone forgets things. It would be fantastic if our brains were able to store and dispense relevant information exactly when you needed it. But our heads aren't filing cabinets, and whilst a lot of the stuff that slips our mind is insignificant, other things, like forgetting to take your medication, can have more serious repercussions.

Did you know that a third of people don’t take their medication as prescribed? Sure, you may not think much of a missed pill here and there, but it all contributes to a bigger problem which costs the NHS £500 million a year!

If you reckon you’re one of the 1 in 3 people who sometimes forgets to take their medication, or know someone who is, then read on, as a we're sure we have just what you need. 

Something to Bear in Mind

A study at Queen Mary University found that sending patients text reminders to take their medication improved the uptake of pills by 64%. A neat compromise between overbearing reminders and total independence, this solution takes full advantage of the popularity of mobile phones, and with 90% of the population owning one, it seems foolproof. 

However, using your mobile phone as a medication reminder is not always practical, in a full message inbox a medication reminder can easily go unread. Furthermore, as reminder alerts are just a feature of a mobile phone and not its primary function, you may be missing out on some options which could really benefit you had you gone with a purpose-built device. 

At Care Alarms we provide a variety of devices which have been specifically tailored to make sure you never miss your dosage. Aiming to be as accessible as possible, some of these products have even been designed with those suffering from particular impairments and conditions in mind, such as deafness, arthritis and dementia. Therefore, these solutions are far more advanced than a simple alarm or text from your phone - and certainly more advanced than you trying to remember off the top of your head! - but still really easy to use. 

Ring Any Bells?

Take the Tabtime Vibe, for example. Suitable for anyone who would benefit from a pocket sized reminder, but designed specifically for the hard of hearing, you can choose to receive vibration alerts. This is useful if you are unable to hear a sounding alarm – simply pop the Vibe in your pocket, and you’ll never miss a reminder. It’s also useful if you take medication at night time and don’t want to disturb other family members with a sounding alarm.

Or how about the Tabtime Medelert? This reminder doubles up as a weekly pill box and has a secure locking system and key, perfect for those with dementia who may forget when they last took their medication and put themselves at risk of overdosing. You simply pre-program this machine to only deliver the correct dosage at the correct time. 

If you're interested in these products then check out the links below, or explore the full range available on Care Alarms to find the reminder which suits you best.

Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser and Reminder

Automatic pill dispenser to deliver correct dosage of medication. Emits both visual and audio alarms and can dispense pill up to four times a day for a week at a time.

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