Bathroom Alarms: A Room of Hidden Dangers

21 December 2015

Accidents are just as likely to happen in the home as they are anywhere else. In fact, they have a higher chance due the familiarity with the home environment. This leads to carelessness and all it takes is for something to be a in a different position…

When thinking of accidents, people say the kitchen. It makes sense – the electrical nature of the room can cause all sorts of problems. But from smoke alarms to motion detectors, there are a number of different alarms that can be positioned within the kitchen to help guarantee safety.

Hidden Dangers

But do people consider the bathroom when it comes to dangers? The room is generally covered in tiling of some sort, and often damp if not wet. Tiles plus water can only equal slipperiness.

Not only is the floor wet, but the body can be too. This reduces grip – whether it is our hand grasping for a rail or feet stepping into a shower. The risk of falls is far higher than other areas of the house, apart from the stairs.

There is a problem though. Due to the dampness of the bathroom, many of the normal alarms will not work. They are not waterproof. So if you’re struggling to get up from the bath, but are soaking wet, what are you supposed to do?

Bathroom Alarms

Luckily, a wide range of alarms have been developed to be suitable for use in the bathroom. These include disabled toilet alarms and waterproof pendants to help keep you safe even when you are in the bath.

Waterproof pendants are an ideal way of summoning help when in the bathroom. They work in any part of the house so you do not need to switch alarm. But whether you are wearing it around your neck or strapped to your wrist, you are able to sit back and relax in the bath, knowing the alarm is within reach if assistance is required.

Disabled Toilet Alarms are a must have these days. Regulations state that any new disabled toilet must be fitted with an alarm. The “G” loop cord positioned above the toilet allows assistance to be called whenever it is required.

Not all of the alarms focus on what may happen to the individual. For those suffering from dementia, there is a very real possibility of causing a flood. They set the bath running, then forget all about it until it is too late. Water level alarms are also available, adding an additional layer of protection against accidents such as these.

Why use A Bathroom Alarm?

Accidents can happen in the bathroom just as much as they can in the rest of the house, more so in fact. Having an alarm that is designed to withstand this environment is a crucial way of ensuring your safety in all areas of your house. If you know you are unsteady on your feet or may struggle getting in or out of the bath, having a bathroom alarm is essential.

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