Independent Living Aids: Confidence and Independence Together

21 December 2015

There was a time when if you started to lose your mobility, suffered from a long-term condition or even just got a little older, independent living would be the first thing to go. It simply wouldn’t be safe to remain on your own when each day was a battle.

It’s understandable. Hard, but understandable. That time, however, has gone.

There is now such a range of independent living aids, you can do almost anything with the help of technology. This helps you to hold onto your independence while a number of different alarm systems ensures your family and carers know if you need assistance. You have your independence and you have the aid – the best of both worlds, for sure.

Living Alone

Independent living is not something that should be underestimated. It can be a hard and daunting experience for some. But there are a number of different systems and technologies available to make this easier. These cover only a few of the options available to you.

Memory Aids: whether you are suffering from dementia or simply have fallen prey to old age, not remembering can be dangerous. You could forget to take your medicine or even forget to drink enough. There are a number of different medication reminders available, from visual prompts to self-dispensing pill boxes. There are also dementia clocks/reminders that are programmed with a number of different prompts activated throughout the day to remind an individual to do something.

Trackers: Again, designed for those who suffer with memory problems. A number of different trackers are available that help you track a loved one. Whether it is to prevent wanderings or just to make sure they get home safely from being out and about, trackers put your mind at ease about their location.

Carephones: Linked with either motion sensors or panic alarms, carephones are a guaranteed way of making sure you can inform people if an emergency takes place. The risk and fear of falling is high among the elderly, especially coupled with the idea they may not be found for some time. By knowing an emergency call can be triggered, their confidence is restored and they are happy to remain in their own home.

Panic Buttons: linked to the idea of the carephone, a panic button allows an individual to know their distress will be noticed immediately. Some are connected to carephones, others to pagers but all ensure aid is on the way.


The use of independent living aids is ideal for those who need a little additional assistance. For the most part, they are able to live alone but they need these gentle reminders to eat or drink. Independent living aids use sophisticated and complicated technology to help remind people of the simplest of things. These simple things, however, can guarantee a person remains healthy and active.

Independent living aids helps a person not just with independence, but with confidence and pride as well.

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