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14 December 2015
Pendant Alarms for the Elderly: Preventing a Pain in the Neck

Arming your grandparents or parents with panic buttons and fall alarms is a great way of keeping an eye on them. Whether the signal is sent to a carer or to yourself, you know you will be informed if something happens to them.

14 December 2015
Dealing with Dementia: Available Alarms

Both suffering with and caring for someone with dementia is a difficult and straining time. The memory loss is only part of it; changes in behaviour can be hard to deal with and the constant concern over their movements can be a drain.

14 December 2015
Dealing with Dementia: Coming To Terms With Everything

Lost. Confused. Angry. Frustrated.

Emotions of a person suffering from dementia. Emotions they cannot express because they do not understand why they are feeling them.