Rondish Rise Alarm Kits and Parts

Rondish Rise Alarm Kits

Ensuring you have all of the right components when it comes to building a kit is essential to make sure your patients are being monitored effectively. To make this easier, Rondish have put together a bed and chair rise alarm with a pager and a transmitter together in one kit to make it more convenient for you. No longer do you have to be concerned about missing something out of your kit.

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Rondish Rise Alarm Parts

The Rondish Bed and Chair Rise Alarm is an ideal way of monitoring individuals and ensuring you are alerted if they were to leave their bed or chair. With this kit, you have the ability to monitor more than one at the same time. But you might wish to add to your kit or replace a particular component. This is why the individual items are all available for individual purchase if required.

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