Silent Alert: Make a House a Home

20 November 2015

Silent Alert have been helping the deaf and hard of hearing live independently for the over a decade and are a market leader paging systems, the last 12 months have been their most successful yet and Care is proud to be able to add their small but life changing devices to our online store.

For individuals with impaired hearing, the daily services of a household can all present a challenge – knowing when the doorbell rings, the fire alarm goes off, when someone is calling, or even crucially knowing when the fire alarm is set off are things easily taken for granted. Silent Alert's range of devices offers a simple solution so that those with hearing impairments needn't let anything stop their house from truly becoming a home.

Over the years the company has amassed a wealth of experience and practical knowledge about what it takes to create innovative solutions to everyday problems, their silent pager with its simple but effective design embraces the old adage “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, continuing to perform as well as ever. And while it may not need fixing, Silent Alert has come up with plenty of ways to  make it even better as the all-in-one alert device. Not only does it allow hard of hearing individuals go about their daily lives with total ease, Silent Alert also bridges the gap between hearing and non-hearing individuals sharing the same roof.

Bumps in the Night

And maybe those individuals includes a new born! The Care Call Universal Monitor was originally designed as a baby monitor and is the only deaf paging system with an active volume display. Able to be programmed so that household noise is cancelled out so sleep isn’t needlessly disturbed, it can also be set on a delay to allow for children who may wake up before quickly returning to sleep. After sending an alert to the pager (and the pillow pad to ensure any hard-working parent’s sleep is well interrupted) for 10 seconds, the pager will transform the buttons into a live equaliser, displaying the volume of the child’s cries through it’s backlit LED buttons. The only pager of its kind to offer this extra feature, mums and dads can know precisely how loud and how awake baby is in a single glance!

Nocturnal Escapes

Parents of the older and more adventurous child are also catered for with the Movement Monitor. While this clever piece of kit can be adapted to alert a user of any wandering, such as that of an elderly relative or patient under their care, it was originally developed for deaf parents of hearing children. Happy to sneak out of their rooms at night with little chance of being caught, the movement monitor can be placed at a bedside, landing or wherever it is required for parents to catch kids red-handed. Thanks to its swivel mount it can be perfectly positioned so mums and dads can still move freely while the monitor is posed on the infant escapee's doorway. Designed for daily life above all else, the monitor is programmable to allow for short periods of leave i.e. bathroom visits, and alerts the parent or carer when the patient or child does not return in the pre-set time.

Rings a Bell

Connecting up the wide range of devices that Silent Alert offers doesn’t mean that a deaf-friendly household is no longer usable by a hearing individual. Monitors for door bells, fire alarms, telephones, car alarms, burglar alarms and even fax machines can all be installed to send a signal to a pager without compromising the alarms standard usability. The monitors are also easy to maintain, giving a visual signal to display the remaining voltage in their batteries and sending a low battery alert straight to the pager. Their compact and low-profile designs means that a household might be fit with the entire Silent Alert system without any challenge to your DIY skills, or any threat to your design scheme!

Far Away, Close At Hand

The long range option of each pager makes them able to send alerts to pagers even when the corresponding monitor is in a different household. This makes them a fantastic option for small residential communities where users are not necessarily housed within the same building, and can successfully monitor movement even from several households away. Placed in the hallway or door frame, a monitor can quickly alert a carer about a relative or patient who is about to leave the house and allow them to intervene before any incident may occur.

Always Alert

Able to monitor a huge range of household services all while fitting right in your pocket, the Silent Alert pager is a big help in small dimensions and means that the simple task of the household, or the more complex task of keeping a wandering child in tow, can be controlled from a simple pager. Whether it’s a phone call, a fax, a teething toddler or a fire alarm, Silent Alert have a range of ways of making every household service, and every member of your household, be kept safe by knowledge sent straight to the palm of your hand!