Care Alarms in Care Homes

22 December 2015

Care homes are a natural fit when it comes to environments for care alarms. From monitoring doorways to making sure water isn’t left running in bathrooms, care homes may have a dedicated team working to keep residents happy and safe but there are some things even the most committed of carers need a little help with. That's where and our extensive range of devices can help.

Fantastic Fundamentals 

The foundation for any good care system is communication, whether between the patient and their carer or between multiple carers, being connected is paramount to personal safety. Our pager options include the easy to use POCSAG Pager, a small, compact but infinitely helpful pager than can connect to an endless amount of transmitters. The alert message can be personalised to let you know precisely which alarm has been triggered, and a 40 log memory allows you to view the precise timings of each activation. The range of the pager can easily be extended with a Signal Repeater, which are also unlimited in their extending potential so that no corner of your care environment goes unmonitored. 

The Care Call pagers offer a multi-functional way to stay alert to every happening, from door openings to bed leaving, accidental falls to carbon monoxide warnings. Easily charged overnight and plugging into a Pillow Pad so you’re kept alert 24/7, this compact charger can connect to up to 12 monitors and gives audio and vibrating alerts from the palm of your hand.

The Medpage Pager is a lightweight and compact pager that can receive signals from up to 8 keyfobs or a wide range of transmitters including phones and doorbells, and gives alerts with sound, vibration or both.

For patients needing a carer come to their aid in non-emergency cases, a range of easy to use call buttons are available. From the colourful Jellybean Button to the Soft Touch Panic Button that can be triggered with a hand or with a nod,  these simple but effective additions to any residents room means that they need never worry about help being far away.

Inspired Innovations

Care is more than simply keeping your patients safe, in some cases it’s about finding the difficult balance between independence and assistance. It's also about ensuring that the dignity of your patient or loved one is not neglected or surpassed by their need for help in their daily lives. A wide range of our products help achieve just this, with items such as Water Level Alarms allowing patients to have the freedom to draw their own bath while still allowing you to ensure they do not run the risk of slipping on flooded floors.

The MemRabel 2 is another fantastic device that gives audio and visual reminders for anything from drinking a glass of water to watching a favourite TV programme. Appearing as a large-display digital clock giving the time, date, day and time of day, you can even add personal videos and messages to each reminder. An effective yet non-invasive way of making sure patients are being reminded to take medication, drink, or absolutely anything you wish to programme in, the MemRabel is easy to set up and ready to use immediately.

Subtlety is Key

The majority of the monitors you’ll find at our online store are all extremely low key meaning they easily fit into the decor of any room, others slip neatly under a carpet or bed and others still can be easily mounted to monitor without requiring any changes to furniture or arrangements. For sensors installed in furniture, this subtlety can be vital to making sure patients are comfortable and relaxed in their own beds.  The Enusens Enuresis Sensor is one example of how effective monitoring need not affect anything else, least of all a user’s comfort. The Rondish Mats can boast similar low profiles being completely wireless and once installed into a bed or chair, are completely undetectable. Care shouldn't come at the cost of a patient's comfort which is why our range of products offers a wide selection of options, to make sure you, and your loved ones, find the perfect fit.

From pagers to keyfobs to chair leaving mats, our online store features a wide range of options for any care home looking to make their residence as safe and comfortable as possible.