Rondish Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm System with Pull Cord RONWC2

Rondish Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm System with Pull Cord RONWC2

Wireless pull cord call alarm system, ideal for the elderly or disabled when using the bathroom. Easy to set up, it delivers both an audible and visual alarm to alert a carer if assistance is needed.

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Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System

The Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System is an easy to install bathroom alarm system that enables a disabled or elderly bathroom user to pull a cord, automatically sending a visual and audible alert to the appropriate nearby caregiver. This wireless design is ideal for anyone concerned about a loved one or any institution that needs to provide appropriate care, proving useful in homes, care homes, hospitals, educational facilities, swimming pools, supermarkets and more.

What's in the Box?

The Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom and Alarm System includes:

  • 1 x Emergency Call Alarm
  • 1 x Pull Cord Transmitter
  • 1 x Wireless Reset Button
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Wall Fixing Bracket
  • 4 x D Cell Batteries for the Emergency Control Alarm
  • 1 x Sealed Lithium Battery for the Pull Cord Transmitter
  • 1 x Sealed Lithium Battery for the Wireless Reset Button

What is the Wireless Pull Cord Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System For?

The Wireless Toilet Alarm System is designed to ensure that vulnerable users can use bathrooms with the peace of mind that assistance can be provided if necessary. The simple pull cord design with send both a sound and light alert, triggering a response from the appropriate caregiver. We would recommend the Toilet Alarm System for:

  • Disabled users
  • Elderly users

Who Should Buy the Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom System?

The Pull Cord Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System is suitable for anyone concerned about the safety of a loved one, a friend, work colleague or those who may be visiting their institution. The Bathroom System meets all appropriate disabled and alarm operational standards, which also means that it is recommended for offices and public spaces. If you live in, or are responsible for care in any of the following places, we would recommend the Disabled Bathroom System:

  • Care homes
  • Colleges
  • Doctors' surgery
  • Educational establishments
  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Public centres
  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Swimming pools
  • Universities

This system can ensure that disabled people can be provided with assistance if in trouble. As it meets international standards, you can rest assured that it is suitable for most public institutions and health care facilities.

How Easy is the Disabled Toilet Alarm System to Set Up?

The Disabled Toilet Alarm System is extremely easy to set up, taking just 10 minutes to install and not requiring a professional fitter. Full instructions are provided with your purchase, however an online copy can be viewed directly below:

  1. We recommend that the user who installs the Toilet Alarm System has drilling skills
  2. Insert your four D-type alkaline batteries into your emergency call alarm
  3. Test your alarm by pressing the call button or pulling the emergency cord
  4. Press the wireless reset button to reset the alarm
  5. Install the emergency call alarm outside the bathroom in a visible area using the punch holes at the back
  6. Install the wireless call button and reset button inside the bathroom using the punch holes
  7. We recommend that you install the call button and reset button next to each other, approximately one metre from the floor

For a full user guide, please click the below PDF:

Click Here to See the Full User Guide
Click here to view the full user guide

How Does the Disabled Bathroom Toilet Alarm System Work?

The way it works is quite simple. The pull cord incorporates a transmitter, that when pulled sends an alert directly to the emergency call alarm. When the emergency call alarm receives an alert, it will sound an alarm and a visible flashing light that will alert all people who are nearby.

Why Should I Trust the Disabled Bathroom Alarm System?

The Disabled Alarm System is designed to meet all international standards relating to the disabled and alarms. It also adheres to government recommendations by creating a barrier-free environment that is visible and audible, ideal for ensuring that the user's call for assistance is instantly recognised.

Why Are There Two Different Alarms?

When you install the system, you'll find that the pull cords can be set to two different colours. The white means that the user needs help, whereas the red means that the user is in an emergency. This allows you to differentiate between the different types of assistance that the user might need.

What is the Range of the Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom Alarm System?

The full range of the Wireless Disabled System is 50 metres, which is ideal for public centres and care facilities where a carer or medically trained member of staff may be a distance away from the bathroom. We will always recommend that you test the alarm system before using, however the FAR transmission properties should be useful for most buildings.

The actual pull cord itself is three metres long. This means that it should be able to hand from the ceiling and reach to around one metre from the floor. This means that it is easily reachable for most users including the elderly and children.

How Loud is the Wireless Pull Cord Toilet Alarm System?

You can have confidence that the system will work because it offers both a visual LED display and an audible alert, meaning that you should notice that the alarm has been triggered even if your head is turned away from the alarm or if you're wearing earphones. The actual audible alarm is adjustable with the volume reaching as loud as 90dB - that's roughly the equivalent of a motorcycle passing you on the road, or a lawn mower in your garden!

How Many Pull Cords Can the System Incorporate?

The Wiress Pull Cord System can be used with single or multiple pull cord systems. This is ideal for institutions with more than one disabled bathroom, including supermarkets, care homes and large businesses.

How Many Strobe Lights Can the System Incorporate?

Should it be necessary, then the Wireless Pull Cord System can be used with several strobe lights and multiple pull cord systems. This is ideal for larger businesses, supermarkets and more.

Will the Wireless Pull Cord Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System Penetrate Through a Floor?

In many institutions the bathroom may be on a different floor to the people who can offer the appropriate level of care, especially in public institutions such as shopping centres and supermarkets. While we would recommend testing your Alarm System first, you should be able to retain use as long as the transmitter and alarm is located relatively close to one another. The alarm system has a full range of around 50 metres, perfect for large institutions.

Is the Wireless Pull Cord Bathroom System Waterproof?

We recognise that using the Bathroom System in a bathroom could mean that water may come into contact with the transmitter and pull cord. It has been designed with this in mind meaning that both the pull cord and transmitter are completely waterproof. This means that users can use both baths and showers without worrying about the system becoming damaged.

How Long Will the Wireless Toilet Alarm System Last?

The Wireless Toilet Alarm System is designed to last for a significant amount of time without you having to replace parts on the regular. This system uses durable and long-lasting batteries too, ideal for setting up and leaving without you having to worry about battery life. The life of the included batteries is as follows:

  • 4 x D Cell Batteries for the Emergency Control Alarm: Approximately 24 hours of alarm noise or two years
  • 1 x Sealed Lithium Battery for the Pull Cord Transmitter: Approximately two to four years
  • 1 x Sealed Lithium Battery for the Wireless Reset Button: Approximately two to four years

How is the Wireless Pull Cord Toilet Alarm System Powered?

The Toilet Alarm System is powered by batteries entirely, meaning that you don't need to worry about electrical equipment in a wet environment, power failure or power cuts. As shown above, it uses four D cell batteries, and two sealed Lithium batteries.

Please note that all batteries are included.

What are the Specifications of the Disabled Bathroom Alarm System?

Specifications of the Call Alarm Receiver:

  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 160 x 110 x 60mm
  • Power: 4 x D cell batteries (24 month battery life)
  • Sounder output: 90dB (adjustable volume control)
  • Responds to all programmed transmitter units

Specifications of the Pull Cord Transmitter:

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 85 x 85 x 6mm
  • Power: Sealed in lithium battery with a service life of  two to four years
  • Pull cord length: 3m
  • RF power 4wM max, narrow band digital transmission for maximum range and reliability
  • Range: 50m

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Rondish Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm System with Pull Cord RONWC2
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