Dealing with Dementia: Available Alarms

14 December 2015

Both suffering with and caring for someone with dementia is both difficult and straining. The memory loss is only part of it; changes in behaviour can be hard to deal with and the constant concern over their movements can be a drain.

Although no care alarm can make these problems go away, there are a number of options that can help to deal with dementia. Whether it is to aid the sufferer and allow them to maintain some of their independence or just to put your mind at ease over their safety, we have an alarm that can help.

What Alarms Are Available for Dementia?

First of all, there are a range of different memory prompts available. These can come in a number of different forms, the most common being medication reminders. Which product you need is entirely dependent on the severity of your dementia, which can range from a mild forgetfulness to more serious symptoms. The Tabtime Vibe is a subtle and discreet way of reminding you to take your tablets whereas the Tabtime Medelert dispenses the pills from a secure container to reduce the risk of an overdose through forgetting whether you have taken them or not.

Then there is the Memrabel system. With numerous alarms programmed in, this system reminds you when it is time to do anything – from taking medication to watching Eastenders. These prompts are easy to programme and displays a picture message accompanied with audio. This helps a sufferer to keep some of their independence as well as reducing the risk of dehydration or even starvation by reminding them to drink and eat.

Location, Location, Location

With memory prompts taken care of, you might worry about your loved one’s whereabouts. Walking or pacing is a common sign of dementia, but there is always the risk of them becoming lost and disorientated when they are out. There are a number of different trackers available through Care Alarms such as the iHelp Personal GPS. Trackers allow you to monitor their location and receive alarms when they have left a designated safe zone, ensuring you know where they are at all times.

In regards to wandering, there are a number of different door and window alarms available so you will be alerted if they attempt to leave the house. From Doormat Sensor pads to Contact Alarms, you can monitor who is coming and going before the person has a chance to wander off.

A Helping Hand

Sometimes, an alarm does not have to be that specific to aid with dementia. Having a panic button to press to sound an alarm can be enough, but remembering what that button does could be troublesome for the patient. The use of the Jelly Button, however, means you can customise the button with visual prompts to help reassure them of what they are calling for.

All of these products (and more) are available from Care Alarms. All will help aid those suffering from dementia and to help the carer have a little peace of mind. Never underestimate the relief of taking away a few worries when you’re riddled with them.

Please visit Care Alarms to see our full range of Alarms for Dementia.

MemRabel 2 Audio/Visual Dementia Care Alarm

Great for use in dementia/memory difficulty care, the MemRabel 2 displays reminders in photo, video or audio form on its large, clear display with time and association icons.

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Motion Activated Memo Reminder

The Motion Activated Memo Reminder plays an automated message of up to twenty seconds when triggered. Can be used to remind or warn people about a certain area.

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Nutrix Care Solutions Wireless Care Alarm Kit with Large Bed Leaving Sensor Mat

A wireless transmitter, pager and sensor system which uses sound, light and vibration signals to alert user if someone has left their bed. Ideal for use by carers with elderly patients.

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