Bellman Visit Door Contact Mat

Bellman Visit Door Contact Mat

Door Contact Mat for the hard of hearing or carers of patients with dementia. Connects to your Visit Telephone Transmitter and triggers alert if stepped on.

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Bellman Visit Door Contact Mat For Telephone Transmitter

For the hard of hearing, staying aware of particular activities in and around the home can be problematic. The arrival of someone at the door, for instance, cannot always be recognised if you have a hearing impairment. And it's not just the hard of hearing who might find this difficult to monitor. Carers can also struggle to stay aware of others entering and leaving, for example if they are caring for someone with dementia who is at risk of wandering off.

With the Bellman Visit Door Contact Mat, you can stay in the know of the goings-on of your household, exactly when you need to. Triggering an alert when someone gets out of bed or leaves a room, depending on where you choose to place your mat, you will never find yourself missing a visitor. The mat works alongside the Telephone Transmitter in your Visit System to create a safe, comfortable home.

How Does the Visit Door Mat Work?

Keep tabs on your home and ensure the safety of your loved ones with the Bellman Door Mat. The discreet mat simply sits under a rug or your standard doormat and connects to your existing Telephone Transmitter. That way if someone steps on the mat, a signal will be sent to the transmitter and your receiver will be alerted. You will be notified through light, sound or vibration.

Where you decide to place your mat is up to you; you may wish to keep it at the front door to be alerted of any visitors coming into your home, or perhaps in the bedroom of an elderly loved one you are monitoring.  

Features and Benefits of the Door Contact Mat

  • Inconspicuous - hides under your standard doormat and is a professional and plain black colour
  • Connects to your Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter to alert your receiver
  • No need to change batteries - runs through your transmitter
  • Long cable length of 2m so mat is not restricted
  • Alerts your receiver through light, sound and vibration signals
  • Can also be used with a multi-purpose transmitter

Technical Specifications

  • Connector: 3.5mm mono jack plug
  • Contact breaker: point switch contact breaker. Distance between contact breakers: 9cm. Without load: open. With load: closed. Load: contact made over 5mm with a point load of 5kg
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 720 x 390 x 3mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Colour: black
  • Cable length: 2.0m

Additional Information

The Bellman Visit Door Contact Mat is designed for indoor use only. 

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