iHelp Personal GPS SOS Tracker
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iHelp Personal GPS SOS Tracker

Using GPS tracking to give its precise location, the iHelp Personal GPS SOS Tracker stores up to 5 contacts to call or text in emergencies and send its location.



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The iHelp Personal GPS SOS Tracker is the ultimate companion for elderly or vulnerable people. It acts as a phone, pager and GPS tracker that can be accessed remotely by carers and guardians to give them peace of mind.

The iHelp provides confidence to those who may be vulnerable by ensuring they can always be found. At the push of a button, their location can be sent via text and a distress call can be made. The iHelp can be easily worn around the neck or attached around the person making it a practical solution to your worries.

Feel Confident with the iHelp

The iHelp lets you give elderly relatives some independence without leaving them feeling completely alone. Being partnered with the iHelp gives you ability to remotely track their location - ideal for those who worry about a patient wandering off or for those who have elderly relatives with dementia who cannot be monitored 24/7.

It acts as a much needed mediator between being completely independent from a carer and from being totally dependent.

SOS Help Call Button 

Pressing the SOS button once will send a text with a link to the device's location to the saved numbers. Pressing and holding the button down will initiate a telephone call to the numbers in order of ranking. The iHelp will go through all the numbers until it gets an answer.

Communicating through the iHelp has been designed to be simple and easy in order to make sure individuals can remember the process. Even if this process is forgotten, the single button on the front limits options, this means people are highly likely to use it correctly.

iHelp Configuration App 

The iHelp can be configured from an app (available for iOS and Android) and online. This allows you to change the settings, update numbers, and add and remove voice reminders from the iHelp.

GPS Tracking

The iHelp serves the dual purpose of allowing you to track it using the app and to allow the wearer to contact you on occasions they require assistance.

If they ever find themselves in an unknown location or in need of assistance, the iHelp can send a text to all saved numbers with a Google Maps link showing their location at the push of a button.

Voice Reminders

You can set up talking reminders and alarms on the iHelp via the app either online or from a paired carer's mobile. This is ideal for one-off reminders or on an occasion where a carer is unable to attend to an individual.

Fall Detection

The iHelp has a sensor to detect falls or crashing movements. After a fall, the device will text all saved numbers that a fall has been detected and the location, or will start calling the numbers in order of ranking. This preference can be set via the app.

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