Pendant Alarms for the Elderly: Preventing a Pain in the Neck

14 December 2015

Arming your grandparents or parents with panic buttons and fall alarms is a great way of keeping an eye on them. Whether the signal is sent to a carer or to yourself, you know you will be informed if something happens to them.

Providing, of course, they have the alarm with them.

It is too easy to forget to pick things up, especially for the elderly. There is no guarantee they have a pocket to slip an alarm into and placing it in a bag is useless. It needs to be easily accessible in an emergency and in the correct position if it is to monitor a fall.

Pendant Alarms for the Elderly

Pendant alarms for the elderly are a popular solution. Although they will not win a fashion accessory contest, they are a practical solution to an all-too-common problem. Once put on in the morning, there is no reason to remove the alarm again nor can it drop out of a pocket. The alarm is in easy reach regardless of what happens – the hand only needs to move slightly to trigger it. Pendant alarms can be worn around the neck, meaning that you don't have to worry about your patient or loved one losing it.

There is – naturally – concern about having something around the neck, especially for an elderly or otherwise vulnerable person. But pendant alarms are designed with this in mind. Regardless of what brand you go for, the cords are made to be durable but have a quick release option to reduce any risk of accidental choking.

How to Choose Your Pendant

There are a number of different pendants available. Whether you are after a panic alarm, a fall monitor or even something your parents can wear in the bath (not something you want to think about, we’re sure), there is a pendant for it. Some sound an alarm, others connect to an auto-dialler and others still might be used as a way of calling across the house for assistance without having to be vocal about it. The days of your mother yelling at you have not been lost, even if times have moved on.

Pendants for the Elderly at Care Alarms

There are a range of different pendants here on Care Alarms. For example, the Lifemax System consists of two pendants worn by both the patient and the carer, providing a direct contact line between the two. This is ideal for if you are in different parts of the house and shouting is not an option; the patient can signal they need assistance through just the push of a button. While this makes it ideal for emergencies, it also gives your parents a way of calling for a cup of tea when you hoped you were out of earshot!

Another solution to common problems is the Waterproof Transmitter, which is designed for the MPPL Pager and can be worn in the bath, setting your mind at ease about any slippages or assistance that might be required. It’s not exactly the room you’ll walk into if you are not needed!

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