Finding the Right Care Call Signwave Kit for You

27 January 2016  |  John

Now that you know that the receiver you want to use is a Signwave, now’s the time to decide what kit you need. To do this, it’s important to know what your primary concern is in terms of care.

If you're not certain that the Care Call Signwave is the right product for you, please check out our blog on finding the right care call alarm kit to start again.

Step Two: Choosing a Main Sensor

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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless gas which is incredibly toxic. Many things in the home can cause a carbon monoxide leak, and it’s vital that you know if there’s a dangerous level of CO, as it can quickly cause death.

The Care Call Carbon Monoxide Alarm monitors the level of CO in the air and alerts the Signwave if the levels become dangerous. This enables you to quickly react and act in the best interests of those under your care.


Smoke alarms are ubiquitous, and rightly so – detecting smoke is vital to the safety of those under your care. But just because you have smoke alarms set up doesn’t mean you will hear them, especially if you are in a different part of the home. 

The Care Call Smoke Alarm will alert the Signwave to the presence of smoke in the home – ideal if you spend time out of earshot of some of the smoke alarms in your home. This enables you to act fast for the safety of those under your care.

Chair Leaving

Chair falls are a constant danger for the elderly – they can cause hip fractures and other serious injuries - so it’s vital that you do everything in your power to prevent them and can help the elderly out of a chair so that they don’t injure themselves.

The Care Call Chair Leaving Mat will alert the Signwave if someone under your care attempts to leave their chair unaided, helping you to quickly come to their aid and help them stand safely.

Call Buttons

To help maximise the safety of those under your care, it's vital that they can get your attention easily and quickly. Whether it's as simple as needing help getting to the toilet or as serious as bad fall, it's incredibly important that they can get the help they need to help make their lives easier,

The Care Call Key Fob Transmitter can easily be worn around their neck (with a quick cord break to reduce the risk of strangulation) and when they press the button, the Signwave is alerted so you can quickly come to their aid.

The Care Call Big Button Alarm is similar to the key fob, but is a fixed position sensor with an incredibly easy-to-press button, enabling the button to be pressed by people with reduced dexterity so they can quickly get the care they need.


Wandering can be a big problem for elderly people, and can be a serious cause of falls. While independence is important for elderly people, it shouldn’t come at the expense of their welfare and safety. Therefore, it’s vital that you know if someone under your care is wandering around so that you can get them the help they need as soon as possible. Fortunately there are numerous products in the Care Call range that can help with this issue.

The Care Call Magnetic Door Monitor will automatically detect if a door or window is opened and will alert the Signwave to this problem, so that you can help someone back into their room quickly.

The Care Call Under Carpet Pressure Pad will detect when someone steps on it and will alert the Signwave. This is great for placing in doorways to ensure that people aren’t moving about when they shouldn’t, and enables you to quickly come to their aid.

The Care Call PIR Movement Monitor uses infrared to detect movement and alerts the Signwave. This is ideal if bed leaving mats or floor sensor mats aren’t suitable for detecting people getting out of bed due to tripping and strangulation risks.

What’s more, because it uses infrared it won’t be triggered by inanimate objects moving, such as duvets trailing off the side of the bed.