Finding the Right Care Call Signwave Chair Leaving Kit for You

27 January 2016  |  John

Providing a reliable and accurate alarm for whenever pressure is taken off of a mat, the Care Call Chair Leaving Pad is ideal for use in your home or in a care home. The chair leaving equipment is vital to helping to reduce the risk of chair falls, so this is great sensor to base your kit around. Please note that all chair leaving kits come with a Care Call Chair Leaving Monitor, a transmitter that is necessary for connecting your chair pad to your Signwave.

If you are unsure whether a chair leaving alarm is suitable for your needs, please return to our guide to finding your perfect Signwave alarm kit or return to the start and choose your Care Call kit.

Step Three: Choosing Additional Sensors

Now that you know you want to base your kit around the chair leaving mat, it’s time decide what additional sensors you want with your kit. If you just want to detect chair leaving, this is the kit for you:

This kit includes the Signwave, the Chair Leaving Mat and the Chair Leaving Monitor. The chair leaving mat connects to the mini monitor and detects when someone tries to get up from the chair. The mini monitor wirelessly sends a signal to the Signwave which uses strobing light and sounds to notify you so you can quickly come to their help, enabling you to reduce the risk of a chair fall.

Under Carpet Pressure Mat

However, if you’re looking for a solution which enables you to monitor more movement than just leaving a chair, then the Care Call Signwave Chair Leaving alarm is also available with an Under Carpet Pressure Pad and a Mini Monitor. 

Care Call Chair Leaving Pad and Under Carpet Pressure Pad System with Signwave

A complete set for monitoring a seat and the floor, the Care Call Chair Leaving Pad and Under Carpet Pressure Pad System with Signwave alerts you when someone leaves their seat or steps on a mat.

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Care Call

This works in the same way as the chair leaving pad, but instead of detecting when someone leaves the mat the under carpet pressure pad detects when someone steps on it. This is ideal for preventing wandering when placed in a doorway – it can notify you when someone leaves their room and enables you to come to their help and reduce the risk of falls.

Additional Components

If these two kits aren’t enough, you can always add more extra components – the Care Call system is designed to be modular so you can add numerous components to your system. 

For example, you could add a Care Call Key Fob Transmitter to your kit. This is a fantastic addition to any Care Call system – it enables those under your care to get your attention when they need help, eliminating their need to wander. This lets you be notified the second they need help, making it easier than ever for you to deliver a high standard of care.

Or, you could add a Care Call Carbon Monoxide Alarm to the kit. This alarm monitors the levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in the air and alerts the Signwave if the levels become dangerous. This is a great addition to the Signwave Chair Leaving kit as it enables you to ensure those under your care are living in a safe environment.

You could also add a Care Call Magnetic Door Monitor to your kit. This enables you to be alerted if a certain door or window is opened. This is an ideal product for improving the safety of your home thanks to its versatility. The sensor can be placed on doors, windows and even cupboards, making it incredibly easy to ensure that those under your care don’t go into places they shouldn’t.

Care Call Key Fob Transmitter

Care Call Key Fob Transmitter

£123.99  INC 20% VAT(£103.33 exc VAT)

An easy to use pendant alert Care Call Key Fob Transmitter features a single-button operation for simplicity and sends an emergency alert to Care Call Pagers or SignWaves.

Care Call Mini Magnet Door Monitor

Care Call Mini Magnet Door Monitor

£142.99  INC 20% VAT(£119.16 exc VAT)

A compact battery operated door monitor, the Care Call Mini Magnet Door Monitor is a magnetic receptor for placement on door or windows and features a range of up to 1000m.