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14 December 2015

There are so many potential alerts to be aware of. At once you could be watching the kids, running a bath, putting dinner in the oven and keeping an ear out for the phone or doorbell. A few moments of distraction and the next thing you know the bath’s overflowing, dinner has burnt, little Tommy has crawled off and the Tesco delivery man is waiting at the door – mayhem!

But if you suffer from a certain disability or condition, or care for someone who does, the range of potential alerts you need to stay aware of complicates considerably. How can you make sure you don’t miss the doorbell if you are hard of hearing? How will your elderly  patient alert you if they have a fall when using the bathroom? What if your child has an epileptic seizure whilst you are sleeping? These are questions that some people will never have to consider, but for many others are very real, everyday problems. 

But fear not: if you are a carer, or suffer from deafness, epilepsy, diabetes, dementia or limited dexterity, Medpage have considered ways to make your life a little easier. As you can see, a wide variety of conditions have been taken into account - we’re going to explore just some of what’s available, but be sure to check out the full range on Care Alarms!

Sound the Alarm

One of Medpage's areas of expertise is alarm transmitting systems, such as the Wireless Pull Cord Alarm System. Many elderly and disabled people require round-the-clock care, but that’s not to say their privacy should be compromised. They may wish to be alone when using the bathroom, which can be concerning as this is a danger zone for falls. 

Perfect for use in care homes, this wireless system includes a pull cord transmitter and an alarm receiver. You will be alerted if the cord is pulled by your patient, so you can know just when you're needed - even if you are in a different room. 

May We Remind You

As well as alarm systems, Medpage have perfected the talking reminder: the PIR Motion Activated Message Player is a great example of this. This device allows you to set a pre-recorded message to deliver a reminder or warning to a loved one for when you can’t be there.

So, for example, you could set the player near the front door. Then, if the user goes to answer the door, their motion can trigger a message reminding them not to wander. Similarly, you may choose to set up the device near the oven to remind an elderly loved one to turn it off after use. These small, everyday reminders may not seem like much to some, but can be incredibly useful, and even life saving, to those with impaired memory.

On The Right Track

Medpage have also developed tracking devices, ideal if you care for someone with dementia who is prone to wandering. These can also be really helpful if you’re concerned about your child’s safety, perhaps if they walk home from school alone.

The iHelp Tracker is an advanced piece of equipment which uses GPS to give you the precise location of your loved one, should you need to know. That way, you can allow an elderly dementia sufferer some independence whilst feeling reassured that you can easily locate them should they wander off.

We've only scratched the surface on what the Medpage range has to offer! Please visit Care Alarms to see our full range of Medpage Alarms.

Medpage MP5V2 High Sensitivity Children's Epilepsy Seizure Monitor

Pager alarm, Wi-Fi camera and sensor mat kit able to detect various different seizure types. Ideal for epileptic children, infants above 9lb and adults, the large monitoring area and precise detection make this an ideal seizure detection tool.

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(£230.99 ex vat)
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Medpage MPPL Bed Occupancy System with Voice Alert

The Bed Occupancy Alarm Sensor Mat with Voice Alert and Pager allows a recorded message to be played when movement is detected to remind a patient of whatever you wish.

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(£158.33 ex vat)
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MPPL Pager for the Home Care Alarm System

An additional pager for the Medpage MPPL system, the MPPL Alarm Pager has a range of 100 metres, and up to eight transmitters can be connected to one pager.

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(£37.46 ex vat)
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