How A PIR Motion Sensor Can Help The Elderly

23 December 2015  |  John

Infrared motion sensors might seem like a high-tech security measure belonging to the realms of the Hollywood thriller, but in reality they are one of the best ways to detect motion. Used in both high tech and low tech security alike for its highly effective monitoring capabilities, PIR sensors are almost impossible to trick, and when it comes to finding the perfect monitor for your home, tough to beat.

How They Work

Forget any movie-based notions you may have of laser-gridded rooms that must be tip-toed, danced or hacked around, the simple household PIR motion sensor requires nothing so elaborate! Passively monitoring people's movement, the sensors do not give off light (no red security beams here!) but simply detect the infrared (IR) light given off by people passing by and can come in wide-range sensors for whole rooms, or narrower sensors for smaller areas. IR light naturally radiates from people, and at a much higher level than inanimate objects, meaning the risk of false alarms is reduced, as are the chances of tricking or hiding from it. With all of our PIR systems being easy to install and position, you needn't put an entire hallway or room out of bounds, either, as a monitor can be precisely positioned where you want it, whether fixed over a door way or level with a bedside.

PIR Bed-Leaving Alerts

Because they don’t get triggered by inanimate objects, PIR motion sensors are fantastic alternatives to bed pressure mats for detecting bed occupancy, unable to be triggered by a falling duvet or pillow. For users who dislike the sensation of a pressure mat under their mattress, who may struggle with the cables many of these devices require, or who have a tendency to displace new additions to furniture, a PIR system can be set in an out-of-reach area to safety monitor a room, wireless and risk-free. Placed over a door or at bed height, a PIR monitor can be set where you want it, to detect a patient or loved one either as they make to leave the room or when they initially stand up from the bed.

PIR Motion Sensors for Monitoring Doors

it’s not just in the bedroom where PIR motion sensors can be put to good use. Placed over a front door, wandering can quickly and easily be prevented, and with a PIR Motion Sensor and Voice Alert Alarm System, it can even warn them to stay inside in your own voice, without you even being there! 

PIR motion detectors have a huge range of uses in the home, on any door, including the shed, back door or even fridge, while care homes can prevent patients wandering into staff-only areas with a single wall-placed sensor.

If you’re interested in using PIR motion sensors for caring for the elderly, head over to Care Alarms and check out our range of PIR Motion Sensors.

Care Call PIR Movement Monitor

Care Call PIR Movement Monitor

£176.59  INC 20% VAT(£147.16 exc VAT)

Easy to use and quick to install,  the Care Call PIR Movement Monitor detects the movement of people in its sensor area and is a space-saving alternative to a pressure mat.

PIR Motion Sensor for the Voice Alert Occupancy System

PIR Motion Sensor for the Voice Alert Occupancy System

£41.99  INC 20% VAT(£34.99 exc VAT)

Tying into the Voice Alert Occupancy Monitoring Alarm System, the PIR Motion Sensor sounds the voice alert when it detects movement.