With A Personal Alarm, Elderly People Can Improve Their Quality Of Life. Here’s How

23 December 2015  |  John

Personal alarms come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs, and can greatly benefit the elderly. Helping to keep loved ones safe, making it easier for them to get help and enabling them to maintain a sense of independence are all key features of any care alarm, all while giving you total peace of mind.

Personal Alarms: Elderly Safety Aid

Care Alarms.co.uk stocks a range of personal alarms to help keep elderly people safe. The Bosch Fall Detector Watch is just one example of fall-detecting alarms. This ingenious addition to a simple key fob wrist alarm allows alerts to be automatically transmitted when the impact of a fall is detected - no manual operation necessary. Carefully monitoring the scale of impact, the alarm is also able to guard against false alarms such as accidental knocks.

Personal Alarms: Elderly Panic Alarms

Personal alarms for elderly people are also available in a simple panic alarm system, enabling elderly people to call for help when they need it. Available for a wide range of uses, the Waterproof Panic Alarm Pendant and MPPL Pager is perfect for use in bathroom and wet environments, where the risk of slips and falls is increased. Consisting of a waterproof pendant that is easily and comfortably worn around the neck and a light-weight, hand-held pager complete with belt clip, this kit is the one-purchase solution to the worrying risks which make the bathroom one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.  

Fixed personal alarms are also available, such as the Easy Press Jelly Switch And MPPL Alarm Pager Kit. Quick and easy to set up by a bedside, on a side table or any other easy-to-reach surface, the Jelly Switch is an easy-to-push switch that directly connects to carer pagers. Ideal for those with limited dexterity or who find the traditional pendant alarm too difficult to operate, a carer pager can connect to up to 8 transmitters, making it the perfect complement to your pre-existing MPPL pager set up.

Personal Alarms: Elderly Independence Aids

Personal alarms can also be great ways to help elderly patients and loved ones maintain their independence while still being able to call on help at any time. The Carephone Pebbell SOS GPS Tracker is a fantastic example of this.

Storing three SOS numbers, the Pebbell fits easily on to a lanyard, key chain or even the collar of a pet, when the large SOS button is activated, these numbers will be dialled one after the other, and once a connection is established, allows for two-way conversation like any mobile phone. Complete with fall detection technology, an SOS call will automatically be made if the shock of a fall is registered or when leaving a pre-set "safe area" thanks to it's geo-fencing GPS technology. A fantastic way of keeping track of loved ones when you're not at their side, a text to the Pebbell triggers a responding message with the device's location and a Googlemaps link (a map link to its location is also sent with each SOS call) all you need is a pay-as-you-go micro SIM card from any mobile network. 

Life Made Better

The introduction of care alarms into the life of elderly loved ones can easily be seen as an end to their independence and freedom, our range of innovative, low-profile, multi-purpose alarms means that safety does not come at the cost of overall quality of life. Our alarms have been carefully selected by us and painstakingly perfected by their respective manufacturers, to ensure that the highest levels of safety and care are available to all, making life that much more worry-free for every one involved.

If you’re interested in getting a personal alarm for an elderly relative or friend, head on over to Care Alarms and take a look at our ranges of Fall Alarms, Panic Alarms and Independent Living Alarms.

Bosch Fall Detector Watch

Bosch Fall Detector Watch

£295.99  INC 20% VAT(£246.66 exc VAT)

The Bosch Fall Detector is designed to work with the Bosch Carephones. With a manual and an automatic system to send an alarm at the detection of a fall.