​Unbeatable Fire Safety with Fire Safe

21 December 2015

You wouldn’t be alone if you said you neglected your home fire alarm, taking batteries out to slip into the TV remote, or turning it off after cremating your morning toast, but no one would ever want the same thing said about those of a public space.  A large building, hundreds of people and a sudden fire alarm can seem like the perfect recipe for panic, but not being able to alert everyone to a fire can have far more serious repercussions. We might all dislike the high pitch whine of the fire alarm disturbing our dinner time, but imagine not being able to hear this crucial alarm at all.  It was such a scenario that led to the creation of the Silent Alert Fire Safe, an innovative fire safety mechanism for the deaf and hard of hearing. 

Get There, Get Safe

Complying with all relevant parts of BS: 5839-1 2013 which dictates the levels of fire safety required in any public space, the Fire Safe is easily installed without interfering with the pre-existing system and gives a range of up to 1000 metres in open air. When a fire alert is triggered, the Fire Safe sends an alert directly to an individual’s personal Silent Alert pager - with only a few button presses needed to synchronize the two systems and reminders to ‘log on’ and ‘log off’ when the pager moves in or out of range, users can be sure that they’ll never miss an alert. Further pagers or Signwave table-top signallers can be quickly programmed to the alarm and distributed at reception to ensure that safety is inclusive of all.

Stay safe

The Fire Safe isn’t just for short-term visitors, either, being able to give 24 hour cover in a residential home, hotel or multi-occupancy building. Establishments with several buildings needn’t worry about the Fire Safe running out of range either, as multiple interface panels can be installed to ensure total coverage.  Night time safety is equally as assured, through total compatibility with the Signwave and pillow pad. 

Easy to install and cheap to run, the Fire Safe is the perfect solution for public buildings in need of a deaf-friendly fire system. Radio licence exempt, the Fire Safe can be bought, installed and left to monitor the safety of your building in no time at all, and can be fitted by your current fire alarm maintenance company.

Don’t Go Changing

For the thousands of users of Silent Alert Pagers the Fire Safe is a completely seamless way of enjoying the high level of security its devices provide in a domestic setting, in a public one. Nothing needs to be changed about the pager you use or how you use it. Logging into a Fire Safe network outside of home doesn’t interfere with the other services of the pager and being non system channel specific, all other Silent Alert devices will also alert if and when the Fire Safe is triggered.

Silent Alert’s Fire Safe system is just one of the ways this company is making life for the hard of hearing easier, to start enjoying the benefits of Silent Alert’s household alarms visit our online store today!