Time For Tabtime

1 December 2015

It seems there's a pill for just about everything these days. Almost half the population in the UK can count taking tablets as part of their everyday routine, much the same as brushing your teeth or having lunch. For many people daily medication is essential for maintaining their well-being - from vitamins to antibiotics, contraceptives to life-saving medication, taking your correct dosage on time is vital.

Of course, that can be easier said than done. Whether it’s part of your daily routine or not, the fact is that remembering to always take your pills can be a bother, particularly for the more forgetful among us. If you have a busy lifestyle it can be the last thing on your mind, in between picking up the kids, going to work and tidying the house, a tiny little pill can seem pretty insignificant.


Thankfully, Tabtime have created a fabulous range of products which make life a little easier for those who take regular medication. They’ve been brainstorming pill organising and reminding devices since the 80s, but the company truly began to flourish after the birth of the internet. It’s since then that they’ve come into their own, able to reach out to both their meticulous engineers and loyal customers to develop some of the most effective medication management products on the market. 

You’ve probably heard of pill reminders and pill boxes – maybe you already own one – but the Tabtime range is unique in how it’s been tailored to suit specific needs. These are not just basic pill boxes and clunky timers, but state-of-the-art devices which ensure you’ll never forget to take your tablet or pop your pill again.


And this range hasn’t just been designed with the forgetful in mind: it goes further than that. If you suffer from particular conditions or impairments that make everyday life more difficult, Tabtime have not forgotten you. 

If, for instance, you are hard of hearing, you may struggle to be adequately alerted by a standard reminder timer, most of which notify the user to take their pill through a sounding alarm. Or maybe you suffer from arthritis and find it difficult to open your pill box or dispenser, many of which are tightly locked for safety reasons. 

Tabtime have considered a variety of features to suit a variety of needs, from vibrating signals for the hard of hearing, to magnetic lids for those with weak hands. Aiming to be as accessible as possible, if you suffer from a hearing or visual impairment, arthritis, or conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, Tabtime have the perfect medicine management device for you. 


So relax. Cross one thing off your mental to-do list. Know exactly when you’re next due the medication that keeps you healthy. Take your daily vitamins. Finish that course of antibiotics. 

It’s not just reminders which Tabtime provide – just check out the range on Care Alarms to see what’s on offer. Whether you find it difficult to swallow pills, or are looking for a more stylish solution to organise and carry your medication, there’s bound to be something that can make your life easier and take the trial out of taking your tablets.