The Carephone: Personal Care at Home and Away

18 November 2015  |  John

Carephone has been working for over 20 years to deliver fantastic products, helping the elderly live their lives independently, safe in the knowledge that help is never too far away. Their products have been developed after years of listening to feedback from users about what they want and need, and they continue to develop and evolve to perfectly suit their customer's needs.

Help at Home

Carephone’s front line product for helping the elderly and disabled at home is the Carephone Landline, a fantastic way of balancing independency with the peace of mind by insuring there is a vital one-press connection in any emergency.

The Carephone plugs into the landline and enables you to programme specific emergency phone numbers into it, so that an elderly friend or relative can contact you when in need of help. What’s more, it’s supplied with a pendant which is worn around the neck, and enables them to call from wherever they are in the house.

It’s the only alarm system in the UK with a speaker and microphone in the pendant itself, so that they can communicate exactly what the problem is and get immediate reassurance that help is on the way. The pendant is also waterproof so that they can wear it in the shower or bath, giving them - and you - round-the-clock assurance.

Help When out and About

But it’s not just at home where Carephone provide the help elderly people might need. The Carephone SOS Tracker uses a standard SIM card and features on demand GPS tracking, so that you can know where your elderly relative or friend is whenever you need to.  You can even set up a “geo-fence”, a virtual boundary for them and get a text message when they leave it.

The tracker also features an SOS button for use in case of emergencies. It’ll automatically call the programmed phone numbers to get help. The built in microphone and speaker means that they can communicate exactly what the problem is. It even has a fall detector which will automatically call the programmed numbers to alert them of a problem.

Its 10 day battery standby ensures that it’ll never be without charge, and because it’s so small and light it is incredibly easy to carry around. It gives a fantastic level of help to those who need it and enabling the elderly to be more active outside the house while still knowing that help is just a button press away.

If you’re interested in buying a Carephone product, head on over to Care Alarms and check out our range of Carephone products.