Silent Alert: Delivering High-Quality Care for the Hard of Hearing

18 November 2015  |  John

The Silent Alert system has been developed with the aim of being the most comprehensive system for helping people with hearing difficulties live a full life, removing any obstacles between them and having their house be a place that they can truly call home. A modular system, Silent Alert is designed to encompass as many - or as few - services within the home as needed, all with the convenience of one pager system.

The Power of Vibration and Light

The Silent Alert system combines vibration light to ensure that an alert is certain to be noticed. Whenever one of the Silent Alert sensors is triggered, the pager vibrates and the relevant event key lights up, so that the user can be certain of what’s happening. The Silent Alert pagers have been developed to perform even when docked in their charger so that alerts are never disrupted by charging times. There’s even a yellow, high contrast pager with Braille markings for deafblind people.

The Silent Alert SignWave is more of a literal hub – a station in your home which uses strobing lights and variable frequency sound to inform you what’s going on. Ergonomically designed to be easily held and carried about the house, it also features a simple drop-in charger to keep it powered up and ready to go.  And because it’s incredibly bright and very loud (up to 90dB – about the volume of a petrol-powered lawnmower) it’s easy to notice, even if you’re hard of hearing.

The best part is, because all Silent Alert products use the same radio frequency, there’s no limit on how many pagers and SignWaves can be connected at once. This makes it perfect for assisted living environments like care homes.

Monitor Everything

The massive range of monitors in the Silent Alert range makes it a fantastic option for kitting your house out with everything needed for hard of hearing people to be safe in their home. The telephone monitor, for example, plugs into a standard telephone port and alerts the pager and/or SignWave when there’s an incoming call. For shared occupancy houses, the Baby Alarm monitor can be used instead, picking up on the audible ring without compromising the phone's standard performance.

The Pager has an innovative way of depicting the volume of sound, especially important when monitoring baby's cries. The buttons become a live equalizer after 10 seconds of sustained crying, lighting up to display how loud the sound is, and with a massive range of 1000 metres when the sensitivity is increased, whether you're in the next room or even next door, you can be sure that Silent Alert will immediately inform you when any monitor is triggered.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on any of the Silent Alert products, head on over to Care Alarms and check out our range of Silent Alert alarms.