Silent Alert 101: How The Modular Alarm System Works

23 November 2015  |  John

The Silent Alert range has been developed to the solve the issues that come with being hard of hearing, backed up by years of experience and paying close attention to the needs of their customers. While hearing impairment is often synonymous with "deaf", Silent Alert understands that it does in fact cover a broad spectrum of abilities, and that while their system is more than capable of safeguarding an entire home - from the phone to the car alarm - it is just as able to provide discreet monitoring only where you need it.

Linked Together

All of the Silent Alert products work together out of the box, no need to change connection or radio settings. Each Silent Alert product uses the exact same frequency, and not only does this mean that they’re easy to connect to each other, it also means that you can add more products to your set up later on.

This is ideal if your requirements change over time, you can simply add more products to your Silent Alert setup as you need them,  no matter which systems you already have.

Multiple Channels

While the Silent Alert system can be used on a single channel, it can also be configured to work on multiple separate channels. This is a great option to set if you live near other people who also use a Silent Alert, so as to avoid interference. It’s also great for use in a care home – it enables the care staff and the patients to both use the Silent Alert system without disrupting each other's services.

Extra Sensitivity

At the flick of a switch, every Silent Alert product can be set to a high-sensitivity mode, extending the range from 100 metres in open air to 1000 metres in open air. This is a great option for use in a care home, as it enables a fantastic amount of coverage for the building so that you can keep connected to the Silent Alert system wherever you are in the building.

It’s also great for use in a large home or an older home with very thick walls. These walls can make it difficult for radio waves to penetrate through the house, and the extra sensitivity setting helps overcome this difficult issue.

Isolated System

The Silent Alert system is completely isolated, and uses its own radio design with a controlled special frequency dedicated for care alarm use. 

Because of this, it’s impossible for radios or wireless internet signals to interfere with the Silent Alert system. This helps provide security and peace of mind to users, cutting down on false alarms and accidental triggers.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Silent Alert system, head on over to Care Alarms and have a look at our full range of Silent Alert care alarms.