Emfit: The Best Fit?

19 November 2015

Being a carer can be hard work; in fact, it can feel like an impossible task! Not only does a patient need to be watched during all moments of the day, the same is true of the night. Wanderings and fits do not abide by a clock, nor do they care the carer needs a good night sleep to make it through the next day.

The worry carers experience about making it through the night is extreme. It’s hard enough sleeping when something is on your mind as it is, let alone when that something is another person’s welfare and constantly trying to listen out for whether they are still in bed or even if they are suffering from an epileptic fit.

Luckily, Emfit are on the case.

Their range of care alarm products reduces the stress for those looking after loved ones during the night. With a range of systems available that will alert the carer to anything from unexplained absences from the bed to fits, Emfit help everyone to get a good night sleep, not just those who are suffering.

Who are they?

Having just had their 25th anniversary, Emfit have come a long way since they first started out. Emfit began in 1990 in Finland. They were – and still are – a small company of highly focused, professional individuals. The focus during these early days was on developing the technology that would soon shape their products.

By 2000, products were beginning to appear in their inventory. Alarms of all shapes and sizes were springing up – for the elderly, the epileptic and anyone who comes in range of their sensors that can monitor anything from your heart-rate to how fast you are breathing. They were making people stare and gape in wonder as their heart rate was monitored by a chair!

But they are not spies seeking to hear your every thought. Instead, their focus since 2003 has been on bed monitoring and non-contact vital signs to help monitor patients. The company has grown and now has parts scattered around the world from Germany to Texas.

Why Emfit?

The range of Emfit products can help to provide a decent night's sleep and peace of mind.

Bed sensors are designed to keep track of the patient’s health – sensing when a fit is occurring – or just to keep track of the patient in general. The mats are activated through movement – or lack thereof – that then trigger an alarm and alerts the carer to something being out of place.

The same is true for all their products. They monitor where people are resting – on a chair or a bed – and signal an alarm when they start moving. The range of products from Emfit will help set your mind at ease and give you a good night sleep. It reduces the stress and concern over not hearing a problem until too late.

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