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23 November 2015

Clofield Limited - Care Call

The Care Call is a discreet, wireless alerting system specially designed for carers. It gives a simple, rapid and safe solution to the remote monitoring of dependants, whether they are at home, in a neighbouring home, or in a care facility.

The Care Call range features two receivers, in the form of a pager unit and the SignWave, which can pick up signals from a number of different monitors, so you can be sure that the people in your care are truly safe whatever happens.


Care Call Pager Unit

One of the two hugely important receiving devices, the Pager Unit is both lightweight and discreet.  It can be worn on a belt, in a pocket or around the neck using the cord supplied. The Pager has an internal, rechargeable battery, and can be switched between modes to either emit a beep, or discreetly vibrate when a signal is received.  

Up to 12 different monitors can be programmed to the device, and will illuminate different keys on the pager corresponding to a certain monitor. There is space on the pager to write down which number signifies which monitor, so you will immediately know what’s going on with your family member or other dependent, whether they have left their bed, left the house, had a fall or many more.

Just recharge using the specially-designed Care Call charger, and say hello to 24 hour notifications from the full range of Care Call monitors, and increased peace of mind.

SignWave Receiver

The other receiver for carers is the SignWave. This device, like the pager, notifies the user to whichever events have been programmed into it, so whenever a monitor detects something you will know straight away. It features an integral strobe, adjustable sounder, and numbered display to notify the user to an event. Up to 12 individual monitors can be programmed to illuminate different keys on the SignWave, giving the carer plenty of flexibility when setting up the system.

The SignWave comes with an optional vibrating pillow pad, to wake even the heaviest of sleepers.

Person to Person Key Fob

The Key Fob is designed to give reassurance both to carers and dependants. A simple press of a button by the dependent alerts carers that something has happened, so they can act upon it straight away.

Ideal when caring for someone who is either ill, has mobility problems or is prone to falling, the Key Fob will send a signal to the Pager Unit or SignWave when operated. Additionally, the Key Fob contains a shock detector which will alert the carer to potential accidents such as falls.

Bed Leaving Monitor

Unfortunately, many dependants may be prone to wandering off alone, or need help leaving their bed. To prevent them becoming lost, or struggling without any help, the bed monitor is extremely useful. It comes in two pieces, a Mini Monitor and an Under Carpet Pressure Pad. When someone steps on the pressure pad, the Mini Monitor will send a signal to either the pager or the SignWave, ensuring that you’re fully informed of any goings-on.

Chair Leaving Monitor

Functioning in a similar way to the Bed Leaving Monitor, this monitor also comprises a pressure pad and Mini Monitor. When someone releases pressure from the pad (ie standing up) the monitor sends a signal to the pager or SignWave, ideal when caring for someone who might be prone to wandering off, or needs assistance getting out of the chair.

Magnetic Door Monitor

Compact, and powered by a 9V battery, the Door Monitor will send a signal to either the pager or SignWave whenever the magnet passes by the monitor, so for instance when a door or window is opened then the carer will be informed.

Audio Monitor

The Audio Monitor, which can be battery or mains powered, allows the user to monitor a room or area by responding to pre-determined levels of sound. When a sound of the correct volume and duration is picked up by the monitor, it sends a signal to the pager or SignWave portable receiver. By using the trigger delay keys and sensitivity control to find the optimum setting, the carer can easily determine the level and frequency of sound a cared-for person may make, in the same way a parent would monitor a child with a baby alarm. Therefore if someone is calling out for help, you will be notified and able to assist straight away.

Movement Monitor

This compact mains-powered wireless Movement Monitor is simple to fit and easy to install. Using an infrared sensor, the Monitor sends a signal to the Pager or Portable SignWave receiver whenever a person passes through the sensors field of view. Ideal for use when caring for a young child or someone who may wander, the Monitor can be angled to cover a specific room or staircase, but allows free passage to other rooms without activating the receivers

The Movement Monitor includes an audio sensor with variable sensitivity and time delays for use when monitoring sounds within a room such as a child crying or a person calling for assistance. The Monitor can also be located low down at a bedside to act as a bed leaving alarm where a pressure pad would be inappropriate. The unit features three non return delays of 5, 10 and 15 minutes if the unit is triggered, so if someone returns within the designated time, to go to the toilet for instance, the unit will not send a signal to the carer.

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Keeping the people you’re caring for safe is obviously the most important goal at all times, whether they are living with you, or in a group care facility. Therefore it makes sense that they should be fully protected, if they don’t have the means to do so themselves.

These alarms are ideal for when carers need early warning for a potential fire, or carbon monoxide leak.  Both alarms make a noise for the benefit of the dependent and send a signal to the pager or SignWave of the carer. The smoke alarm will flash key 6 on the receiver, while the Carbon Monoxide Alarm will flash key 6 but with a blue light, which cannot be changed to avoid confusion.

These are just some of the main monitors, and with such a wide variety of choice it is obvious that Clofield has thought of every possibility in creating a system that works well for both carers and those being cared for. Set up just the monitors you need, whether that’s just one or as many as 12, and make your home or care facility a safer place for greater peace of mind.