Medpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm
Medpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector AlarmMedpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector AlarmMedpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector AlarmMedpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm

Medpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm

The Medpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm is a reliable way of knowing if your loved one is having a fit. Suitable for adults in single beds.

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For those who suffer from epileptic fits, a peaceful night's sleep is rarely guaranteed, and for the carer or parent, there is never a night off. Nervously hovering at the bedside may seem like the best way to ensure a quick response, but night after night of sleep-deprivation leads to a decline in your focus, your energy and ultimately your own personal health. 

The Medpage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detector Alarm, can revolutionise the way you care for your loved ones, giving you peace of mind and a good night's rest all through its simple and compact set up. Slip the sensor under the mattress, plug in the monitor and let the Medpage do the rest. If an epileptic fit is registered, an alert is sent to the carer's pager - itself designed to slip under the carer's pillow where it will vibrate to wake you - allowing you to only wake up when required, and not spend all night battling against exhaustion and worry.  

Please note: The Medpage MP5 is only suitable for adults in single beds, for younger patients or differing bed sizes the Medpage MP5V2 is recommended.

Features of the MP5

All of Medpage's devices are ready for use straight out of the box with batteries already inserted and ready to go, making them some of the most user-friendly care alarms on the market.

  • Sends alert to pager after 20 seconds of continuous movement (adjustable from 2 - 20 seconds)
  • Supplied with 2 carer pagers able to be set to tone, vibrate, or both
  • 100m transmission range to pager
  • Dials pre-set at 12 o'clock position, sufficient for around 85% of users
  • Dials can be easily adjusted with a simple press-and-hold of the red button, when the LED lights turn amber, you are free to adjust the dials as you wish, hold the red button to lock in your new settings
  • Built in microphone listens for vocalisations signalling a fit
  • 3 metre sensor lead
  • Turns entire mattress into sensor, wherever user lies
  • 2 LED lights signalling movement (green) and voice (red) detection
  • Mains powered with 2 x AA batteries for 48 hours of power in event of a power cut
  • A low battery warning from the sensor will be sent to the pager and will sound for 2 weeks prior to battery failure
  • A low battery warning on the pager is signalled by a red flashing light

Positioning You Sensor

For effective use the MP5 Sensor should be positioned in the centre of the mattress. If you are using the Sensor on a bed that features slats then a layer of card should be placed between the slat and the sensor. This can simply be made from the cardboard your MP5 is housed in!

Specifications of the MedPage MP5 Epileptic Seizure Monitor

  Sensor Monitor
Length 75mm 150mm
Width 55mm 105mm
Depth 25mm 45mm

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