MedPage Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kit

MedPage Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kit

The Medpage Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kit has a long wireless range capacity. Provides extra loud chime alert with flash.

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Medpage Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kit

The Medpage Wireless Flashing Doorbell Kit is ideal for individuals with limited hearing who live alone. This kit includes two doorbells and an alert receiver, which emits an extra-loud chime and flashing light when either doorbell is rung. This kit is also supplied with a vibrating pad, which can be placed under a pillow to alert users that someone is at the door while they are asleep.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Flashing Alarm Receiver
  • 2 x Doorbell Buttons
  • 1 x Vibrating Pillow Shaker
  • 1 x AD/DC Power Adaptor
  • All Required Batteries

Key Features and Benefits

  • Portable receiver enables you to take it from room to room
  • Supplied with two doorbells for use on back and front doors
  • High intensity LED lights to ensure clear alert
  • Long wireless range capability to ensure you don't miss the door
  • Three levels of chime volume to suit individual requirements
  • Can be connected to up to five doorbells for wider applications
  • Vibrating pad to be used underneath a pillow

How Does the Medpage Wireless Doorbell Kit Work?

This product is supplied with two wireless doorbells and a flashing alarm receiver, which can be used in the following way:

  1. Simply position a wireless doorbell on any doorframe using the screw fixing or loop adhesive.
  2. When the doorbell rings, it will send an alert to the receiver.
  3. The receiver will then provide a bright-coloured flash and extra loud chime alert.

Who Can Use the Medpage Doorbell and Flashing Light Receiver?

This kit is ideal for deaf or hearing impaired individuals. When the doorbell rings an alert is transmitted to the receiver, which then emits a loud chime and flashing light. The chime has a three-level volume switch (up to 96dB) depending on hearing ability. The flash option is ideal for completely deaf users. Initiating an immediate response, this product is ideal for assisting those with limited hearing in daily living. 

How Many Doorbells Can I Link to the Receiver?

Up to five doorbell push buttons can be wirelessly linked to the NMDRX alarm receiver. This product contains two doorbell buttons, ideal for use on the front and back doors. Each doorbell will activate a different coloured flash alarm, ideal for notifying when different doors are being used. You can also add the vibrating pad for additional notification.

What Does the VIB-PAD Vibrating Pad Do?

The included under-pillow vibrating pad, when plugged into the alarm receiver, is ideal for notifying a sleeping person when someone is at the door. 

Is the Flashing Light Alarm Receiver Portable?

The receiver device is portable, enabling you to transfer it from room to room as you move around the home. This ensures that you are always alerted when someone is at the door. The product has long range capability to ensure you are notified wherever you are in the house.

Can I Add Other Devices to the Alarm Receiver?

The alarm receiver has five wireless channels that allow other sensors to be added to the kit. These include PIRs, door alarms or personal care sensors. Each channel features a different coloured panel of super-bright LEDs that can be assigned to single or multiple transmitters.

Technical Specifications

Wireless Alarm Receiver (NDMRX)

  • Dimensions: 80 x 68 x 38mm
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Vibrating Pad Output: 3v at 300ma via 3.5mm Jack Socket
  • Power: 3 x AAA Batteries

Doorbell Button (NMD-DB1)

  • Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 12mm
  • Weight: 23g
  • Power Source: 1 x A23 12v Battery
  • Frequency: 433.93MHz

Vibrating Pad (VIB-PAD)

  • Dimensions: 90 x 25mm
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Power: 3-6v at 300mA
  • Connector: 3.5mm Mono Jack Plug
  • Gross Weight: 118g

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