Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat and Pager

Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat and Pager

The Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat is designed to alert the carer to a fit in the night. The mat is designed so it cannot fall through the slats in a bed.

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days

Our Price:  £749.99 (£624.99 ex vat)

Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat and Pager

If you or a loved one suffer from tonic clonic seizures, then the Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat and Pager can provide you with the peace of mind that a tonic clonic seizure will be detected to sound the alarm as soon as a fit occurs. The sealed Emfit Bed Sensor PVC Mat detects even the slightest movements, making it suitable for both children and adults with epilepsy.

What's Included in the Box?

Providing everything that you need in order to detect a seizure, the Emfit Kit includes the following parts:

  • 1 x D-1090-2G Controller
  • 1 x L-4060SLC Bed Sensor PVC Mat
  • 1 x Wall-Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x Bed Head Bracket
  • 2 x AA Batteries

How Does the Emfit Seizure Monitor Work?

The Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor detects tonic clonic seizures that occur during the night. The film-like sensor mat is placed under a mattress, and, once a seizure is detected, a notification is sent to the control unit, which in turn sends an alert to the pager (or other connected call system) to inform the caregiver. 

Who Can Use the Emfit Seizure Monitor with Sensor Mat and Pager?

As there is no upper or lower weight limit for the Emfit Seizure Monitor, it can be used by both children and adults with epilepsy who are prone to tonic clonic seizures at night. It detects even the slightest movement, making it an ideal choice for use at home or in care residences where patient needs may vary.

Can Children Use the Emfit Seizure Monitor?

Yes, the bed sensor mat detects even slight movements, making it suitable for children. It's also suitable for elderly individuals and anybody with a low weight.

How Easy Is It to Set Up the Emfit Seizure Monitor?

The Emfit Seizure Monitor has been designed to be as easy to set-up and install as possible. No engineers or special training will be required to install your Emfit monitor. Please see the user instructions manual in the PDF below for more information about setting up your Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor.

Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor User Instructions
Emfit Seizure Monitor User Instructions

How Far Can the Pager Transmit an Alert?

The Emfit Pager is able to transmit up to 100 metres in an open space. This range is reduced slightly depending on the thickness and number of walls in your home. 

Do I Need Batteries for the Emfit Seizure Monitor?

The Emfit Seizure Monitor requires two AA batteries for operation, and these are provided with the Emfit monitor. If you would prefer to use a mains power supply to operate your Emfit Seizure Monitor, an Emfit power adapter can be purchased separately.

How Does the Bed-Exit Function Help with Anti-Wandering?

The Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor includes an optional bed-exit function. If you choose to activate this feature, it sends an alert when the the user leaves the bed for a pre-set amount of time. This can help to improve care and peace of mind for carers and family members looking after a relative prone to wandering at night.

Can I Connect the Emfit Seizure Monitor to an Existing Nurse Call System?

The Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor is compatible with most nurse call systems. This allows you to tailor the alert system to the most suitable form of seizure alert for you and your patient or loved one.

Can I Use the Emfit Seizure Mat with a Pressure Relief Air Mattress?

As the Emfit Seizure Mat with Bed Sensor is able to detect even slight movements, it is not advised for use with a pressure relief air mattress. If you are looking for a reliable seizure monitor for use with an air mattress, we recommend the MP5 Ultra Specialist Seizure Monitor.

Can I Use the Emfit Seizure Monitor with a Slatted Bed Frame?

If your mattress lies on top of a slatted bed frame, then there is a risk of the bed sensor sliding out between the slats. We would recommend that a board or similar solid surface is placed between the slats and the mattress to prevent the sensor mat from slipping between the slats.

How Do I Clean the Emfit Seizure Monitor with Sensor Mat?

You can wipe down the bed sensor and cables and control unit with a damp cloth, neutral cleaning product, or mild disinfectant. Care should always be taken when cleaning your Emfit Seizure Monitor.

Key Features and Benefits of the Emfit Seizure Monitor with Sensor and Pager

  • Designed for monitoring and detecting seizures
  • Detects muscle jerking of a sleeping individual with epilepsy
  • Patented sensor technology detects abnormal movements and sends a signal
  • Notifications can also be sent if a person leaves a bed
  • Operates using a sealed PVC bed sensor and control unit
  • Sensor pad under the mattress detects even the slightest movements, including micro-movements caused by breathing and heart beating
  • System also detects light movements, making it suitable for small children
  • Alarm sounds after the user has left the bed and does not return after a pre-set time
  • Alerts sent to the pager to immediately inform the carer or caregiver of the alarm
  • Compatible with most nurse call systems in hospitals and care homes using a connection lead
  • No upper or lower age or weight limit
  • Quick and easy to set up without any training required

Technical Specifications

  • Seizure Notification Delay: 10, 13, 16, or 20 seconds (default: 13 seconds)
  • Bed-Exit Notification Delay: 3, 6, 10, 15, or 30 minutes (default: Disabled)
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (included)
  • Control Unit Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 96 x 127 x 34mm
    • Weight: 120g
  • Sensor Specifications:
    • Dimensions (LxW): 430 x 580mm
    • Thickness: 0.4mm 
    • Weight: 185g
    • Cable Length: 1.8m

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