CPR Guardian III Dementia Fall Detection GPS Watch

CPR Guardian III Dementia Fall Detection GPS Watch

  • Smartwatch complete with GPS tracking and fall detection
  • Unrivalled monitoring for elderly individuals living alone
  • Monitor heart-rate and location at any time via smartphone app
  • Set safe zones and receive around the clock location notifications
Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

Our Price:  £179.99 (£149.99 ex vat)

CPR Guardian III Dementia Fall Detection GPS Watch

Maintaining independence into old age can be a stress on both yourself and those responsible for elements of your care. The CPR Guardian II Dementia Fall Detection GPS Watch is manufactured with a built in GPS system, heart-rate monitor and smartphone app connectivity, allowing you to monitor the health and location of your loved one around the clock.

What's Included?

  • 1 x CPR Guardian III Watch
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x SIM Card (already inside the watch)
  • 1 x SIM Card Information Guide

How Can the Guardian III Dementia Fall Detection GPS Watch Help Me?

The CPR Guardian GPS Tracker Watch aims to provide you and your loved one with the peace of mind that they are safe. The watch permits the wearer to make and receive calls, while they can be tracked using the handy and easy-to-use mobile app, all in one discreet and fashionable watch.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Features a GPS tracker that allows you to monitor the safety of your loved one
  • Easy-to-use syncing allows you to connect the watch with your phone using the specialist app
  • Durable and water-resistant up to 1 metre of fluid
  • Includes a comprehensive user guide for confident use
  • Measures the user's heart rate with a medical grade heart rate monitor
  • Extra strong gorilla glass ensures long-lasting use
  • Allows the user to make and receive calls from the watch
  • Easy-to-use SOS button on the watch for emergencies
  • Built-in pedometer so the user can monitor their activity levels
  • Hypoallergenic strap for comfortable and extended use

How Do I Sync the GPS Tracked Watch with my Phone?

The CPR Guardian III Watch pairs with a mobile phone using the CPR Guardian app, which is available for all brands of smartphone. To pair the watch with the app, simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Download the CPR Guardian app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  2. Ensure that you allow notifications once the pop-up message appears
  3. Register as a new user and fill in your details when prompted
  4. Login with your details and press "Add Device"
  5. Select "Scan QR Code" (to reveal your watch's code, swipe up on the watch's face)
  6. Fill in the details presented to you when prompted
  7. Remember to save your details. Now you are able to utilise the watch's features

Connection to the app allows the wearer to make and receive calls from the app administrator. The app also allows the watch wearer to be tracked, ensuring constant safety. 

What Is the Cost of Operation?

The CPR Guardian III comes supplied with £3 of pay-as-you-go credit. Once this runs out, you can either choose a pay-as-you-go plan from your regular mobile service provider, or you can sign up for an unlimited £9.99/month plan from CPR Guardian, which will be prompted by the app.

Ensure your loved one remains safe at all times

How Does the SIM Card Work?

The CPR Guardian III comes with an embedded and ready to go CPR Chameleon SIM card. With unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU, the Chameleon ensures that no matter where you or your loved one are, connectivity to both your phone and the smartphone application are uninterrupted and around-the-clock. 

How Do I Locate the Wearer With the App?

To locate the wearer of the Dementia Watch, simply select "Location" at the top right hand corner of your phone screen on the app. Then, their location will be displayed on a map.

Can I Program Safety Zones Into the Guardian III?

Yes, safety zones are easily programmable, allowing a carer or loved one to set a radius around the home of the user. Anytime the user leaves or enters this radius, the loved one will receive a notification on their app. 

This unrivalled level of monitoring ensures the user doesn't compromise their safety by leaving a safe area without the knowledge of a carer or loved one. This radius can be altered at any time using the provided smartphone app. 

Monitor your loved one using the innovative Guardian smartphone application

How Does the SOS Feature Work?

The red SOS button allows the wearer to immediately notify and voice call up to five pre-set programmable contacts. This function alerts five emergency contacts via SMS and app notification before voice calling until answered.

The watch sends the GPS location of the user to the carers smartphone app, immediately notifying them of their loved one's location. This allows friends, family and carers to monitor and provide care around the clock in the event of an emergency.

How Many Telephone Contacts Can Be Stored In the Watch?

Up to 5 contacts can be stored in the watch, making it easier to reach close family members and friends. The watch comes with a user setup manual with clear and easy to follow instructions regarding how to program these contacts in.

How Does the Heart Rate Monitor Feature Work?

The Dementia Watch features a built-in heart rate monitor to keep your loved one safe. The watch alerts the app administrator if the wearer's heart rate drops below 30 beats per minute.

The CPR Guardian III has an in-built heart rate monitor amongst other innovative features

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The battery of the CPR Guardian Watch lasts for up to 48 hours with a full charge. The watch notifies both the wearer and app user with low battery notifications to ensure the accessory never runs out of battery. This allows you to contact your loved one should the battery be running low without their knowledge.

How Long Should the Watch Be Charged For?

When charging the Dementia Watch for the first time, we recommend charging for approximately 12 hours. After this, charging the watch for 8 hours should be substantial.

How Do I Charge the Watch?

The Dementia Watch comes with a USB cable. To charge the watch, simply plug the USB into USB power and use the magnetic end of the cable to connect to the back of the watch.

How Do I Turn the Watch On and Off?

To turn the watch on, press the power button (located on the top, right hand side of the watch face) for 3 seconds. To turn the watch off, repeat the same instruction for 15 seconds. Please note that if the watch does not turn on when the power button is pressed, it may not have been sufficiently charged.

Is the CPR Guardian III Waterproof?

The CPR Guardian III will remain functional and resist damage if dropped into water with a depth of less than one metre. This means any splashing or contact with a small amount of water will not cause damage to your watch making it the perfect choice for the independent elderly individual.

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