Bellman Visit Charger

Bellman Visit Charger

Unit recharges the battery of your Visit Pager Receiver. It vibrates and lights up just like your pager, and can be connected to up to two bed shakers to alert your during the night.

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

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Bellman Visit Charger

When you own a Bellman Visit Receiver you put your faith in the product's ability to perform, trusting that it will always be there to alert you when you need it. Keeping your device charged is therefore a priority; failure to do so puts you at risk of missing your alerts, whether this is an incoming call, or something more urgent like the sounding of your fire alarm.  

Often chargers themselves cannot be relied upon - many mobile phone chargers, for example, are flimsy and break easily, leaving you unable to get the most out of your product. The Bellman Visit Charger is a sturdy and durable charger which can connect two vibrating pads at once, so you can sleep easy knowing your device will always be ready to alert you, even when charging at night. 

How Does the Bellman Visit Charger Work?

Your Visit Pager is fitted into the machine, allowing it to charge. A full recharge generally takes up to 8 hours so connecting it at night-time is suggested, meaning when you wake in the morning your receiver will be fully rejuvenated and ready to perform for the day ahead.

You can trust that your receiver will continue to pick up signals whilst it is charging and provide you with the necessary alerts. The charger itself will vibrate and light up when the receiver is notified. Alternatively, you can plug in up to two Bellman Bed Shakers to attract your attention when using during the night.

The Bellman Charger plugs into the mains, but also includes back-up batteries which automatically charge and take over if there is a loss of power. This way, your machine will always be ready to restore your receiver's power.    

Features and Benefits of the Bellman Visit Charger

You can depend upon your Bellman Charger to deliver reliable and constant power whenever you need it. Particular features enable the product to work as effectively as possible, which include: 

  • Around the clock alerting - can connect to up to 2 Bed Shakers to signal you both day and night
  • Connects to your Visit System via the BE1470 Visit Pager (separate product)
  • Vibrates and lights up just like your Visit Pager to attract your attention
  • Can also connect to other Bellman products such as the Bellman Alarm Clock
  • Battery back-up - batteries automatically charge when device is plugged into mains, and will automatically take over if needed so no risk of power loss
  • Uses rechargeable batteries - no need to keep buying replacement batteries
  • Use of LED lights to indicate when your device is charging, and when it is fully charged
  • Cable length of 1.7m so the charger is not restricted
  • Can be hung from the wall using the hanging bracket and enclosed screw, or placed on a level surface using enclosed support legs

Technical Specifications

  • Mains power: 8V DC/ 800mA with built-in power supply unit
  • Battery power: internal NiMh batteries (the internal back-up batteries must be changed at service workshop)
  • Charging the back-up battery: via the power supply unit (discharged batteries will take at least 24 hours to charge, the normal charging time is approx. 6 hours)
  • Vibrator power: 2.0 - 4.0VDC (BE9086 should be connected to vibrator output B.)
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 78 x 88 x 43mm
  • Weight: 385g (with battery)
  • Colour: white

Additional Information

To get the most out of you Bellman Visit Charger, ensure it has charged for 24 hours either when first used or when the internal back-up batteries have run down. When possible, always keep the charger connected to the main power supply so that the back-up batteries are automatically charged.

Only use rechargeable NiMh batteries in the Bellman Visit Charger - non-rechargeable batteries can leak if re-charged, which will damage the electronics of the product. The charger is for indoor use only.

Please note that pagers are available separately.

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