Bellman Visit Bed Shaker Vibrating Deaf Alarm

Bellman Visit Bed Shaker Vibrating Deaf Alarm

Bellman Bed-Shaker compatible with all Visit receivers, to alert the hard of hearing during the night. Operates at a low voltage for safe use, and produces powerful vibrations to wake even heavy sleepers.

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Bellman Visit Bed Shaker Vibrating Deaf Alarm

While a lot of alerts from your Bellman home system are likely to occur in the day, those throughout the night could be more important, even potentially lifesaving. To be sure you never miss an alert, the Bellman Visit Bed Shaker Vibrating Deaf Alarm uses powerful vibrations that will rouse even the heaviest of hearing-impaired sleepers to notify you if your Bellman Transmitters detect a fire, child stirring or other incident during the night.

In the Box

  • 1x Bed Shaker with 2m Cable
  • User Manual
  • Getting Started Guide

Please note: This is not a standalone product that will work on its own. This accessory is intended to work as part of Bellman Visit home system alongside a receiver and transmitter.

What Is This Product?

This is a vibrating bed shaker alarm that is an accessory for any Bellman Receiver. Place it under your pillow before bed and it will vibrate strongly to wake you from your sleep if there is an important alert during the night.

How Does the Bed Shaker Work?

Place the shaker in your bed, under your pillow or mattress and if your Bellman Receiver picks up a signal while you sleep then the shaker will vibrate powerfully enough to wake even heavy sleepers. The shaker can connect to a range of Bellman products with vibrator outputs, to protect you from fires, carbon monoxide and other dangers.

Safe and Convenient Use

The Bed-Shaker operates on a low voltage, powered by the Bellman Transmitter that it is plugged in to meaning that it doesn't present any risk throughout the night. The shaker also has a long 2m cable that can reach your bed from wherever your transmitter is, so that you can be sure this device will accommodate the layout of your room.

Woman Using the Bellman Visit Bed-Shaker to Wake Her If Needed

Anti-Slip Surface

The Bellman Bed Shaker has a rubber anti-skid protector to keep it in place within your bed. It will run from the power of your receiver so you don't need to worry about replacing batteries or it running out of power in the night. Operating at a low voltage and staying securely in place, it is a safe and reliable method to ensure that you are woken if needed.

Features and Benefits of the Bellman Bed Shaker Vibrating Deaf Alarm

  • Gives you peace of mind for better sleeps knowing you will be woken if needed
  • Vibrates powerfully to wake even the heaviest of sleepers for your own safety
  • Anti-slip protection will keep the shaker in place when it vibrates and doesn't move in the night
  • Compatible with all Visit Receivers, as well as other Bellman products that have vibrator outputs
  • Low-voltage operation so the device won't cause electrical problems or pose any danger in the night
  • Long cable length of 2m allowing you to place the receiver wherever you need it with the cable in bed
  • Powered by being plugged into the receiver so there is no worry of the device running out of power
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 88 x 88 x 27mm (3.5 x 3.5 x 1.1")
  • Weight: 120g (approx. 0.26lbs) 

Technical Specifications

  • Operating voltage:2.0 - 4.0V DC from a Bellman Visit Receiver
  • Power consumption: 250 - 750mA
  • Colour: white with red anti-skid protector
  • Cable length: 2m


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