Bellman Visit Short External Microphone (0.75m Cable)

Bellman Visit Short External Microphone (0.75m Cable)

External microphone cable which connects to your Visit Door Transmitter to pick up multiple noises at once. Alerts your home system when it detects the sounding of an intercom or a telephone ringing while still listening for the doorbell.

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Bellman Visit Short External Microphone (0.75m)

This Bellman Visit Short External Microphone (0.75m) is an accessory to the Bellman Visit Door Transmitter that enables your Door Transmitter to listen to a separate device as well as the doorbell. This means that your Transmitter notifies your Bellman Receiver when the phone rings, the intercom goes or if it detects another noise that you have programmed it to listen to.

In the Box

  • 1 x External Microphone (0.75m)

What Is This Product?

This is not a standalone product but an external microphone designed to improve the functioning of your Bellman Visit Door Transmitter. Simply insert the plug into a Bellman Door Transmitter and place the microphone next to the phone or intercom you want it to listen out for.

Who Can Benefit from Using the Bellman Visit External Microphone?

If you already own a Bellman Door Transmitter, the Bellman Visit External Microphone allows you to extend its range and ability. You can use the microphone to detect the sound of an intercom or telephone ringing while the transmitter listens to the doorbell, helping you to have as comprehensive an awareness as possible of the activities within your home.

How Does the External Microphone Work?

The microphone connects to your existing Visit Door Transmitter, allowing it to pick up sounds further away from the door. If you place it next to your intercom or telephone, it will trigger your Door Transmitter to send a signal to your Bellman Receiver. With the External Microphone, you will therefore be able to have more awareness around your home.

Inconspicuous Design

The microphone is encased within a small, white casing with a minimalist 3.5mm mono jack plug that is small enough to be barely visible when in use. This inconspicuous design means the microphone can be discreetly placed wherever you need it while effortlessly blending into your home's interior.

Shorter Version

This external microphone is the version with a short 0.75m cable that makes it ideal for use with a phone or intercom system near your Door Transmitter. The version featuring a longer cable may leave excess wire hanging on the floor if used too close to the Transmitter; however, if you want to reach a device further away then a version with a 2.5m cable is available here.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

This external microphone runs on the power from your Door Transmitter, therefore it is quick and easy to set up and install. Simply place the microphone in its desired location and plug the jack into your transmitter and it is ready to go. If it needs cleaning, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth (do not use household cleaning products).

Key Features of the Bellman Visit Short External Microphone

  • Increase the power of your Door Transmitter or allow it to listen to a secondary source
  • Discreet design with a minimalist white cable that blends naturally into your home decor
  • Microphone does not require batteries and is powered through the transmitter 
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 33 x 36 x 4mm (1.3 x 1.4 x 0.2")
  • Weight: 15g (approx 0.033lbs)

Technical Specifications

  • Cable length: 0.75m
  • Microphone type: Piezoelectric
  • Connector: 3.5mm mono jack plug
  • Colour: White

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