TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Detection System for Airflow Mattresses and Hospital Beds

TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Detection System for Airflow Mattresses and Hospital Beds

The TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Detection System for Airflow Mattresses and Hospital Beds has a receiver range of 100m. Designed for use with airflow mattresses and hospital beds.

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TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Detection System for Airflow Mattresses and Hospital Beds

The TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Detection System for Airflow Mattresses and Hospital Beds is designed to alert a caregiver when a patient leaves an airflow or dense memory foam mattress.  This mat is designed to be placed in the patient's bed and is highly sensitive, ideal for users who are of a lighter weight or who require a thicker mattress. By detecting their movement, you can prevent wandering or falls.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Rondish Ultra-Sensitive Bed Exit Mat (UMBP-10)
  • 1 x TumbleCare Alarm Pager (TUMPAG31)
  • 1 x TumbleCare Transmitter (BTXMED04)
  • 1 x User Guide
  • All required batteries

How Does the TumbleCare Kit Work?

This kit includes three parts: a bed mat that is pressure sensitive, and a pager with sound and vibration alerts, and a transmitter that sends alerts between the mat and the pager. The mat is placed in the patient's bed, and should be positioned beneath them at hip height while they sleep.

If the patient gets up off of the mat in the night, this will send a signal via the transmitter to the pager, which will then provide an alert. By providing an alert to the carer, you can help to stop night-time wandering or bed leaving, which is good for preventing falls and other accidents. This is especially useful when dealing with patients with conditions that cause confusion, such as dementia.

Who Can Use the TumbleCare Hospital Bed-Leaving System?

The TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Detection System is designed for use by nurses, carers, and other medical professionals looking after vulnerable patients who may be prone to wandering or falls. The bed-leaving mat is specially designed to accommodate lighter patients or those who require a thicker or air-based mattress, ensuring that the anti-wander kit can help to improve care for a wide range of patients in hospitals, clinics, and care homes.

How Reliable Is the TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Mat?

The TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Mat is an incredibly reliable approach to detecting when somebody leaves a bed. The bed sensor is incredibly sensitive, meaning that it detects movement from patients who may be underweight (minimum of 20kg) or those who require thicker mattresses. It also features a delay system to prevent false alarms, ideal for patients who may be able to leave the bed on their own but who may need assistance if they do not return to bed within 15 or 30 minutes.

How Does the Pager Provide An Alert?

You can set the pager to alert you with an audible tone and vibration, or just by vibration only. While the adjustable volume of the audio alert is ideal for busy environments during the daytime, the ability to set the pager to vibration-only mode means that you can patrol a residential home at night without risking waking up other patients with a loud alert.

If you are caring for numerous individuals, you can monitor up to three separate bed mats (sold separately) with this one pager. Each one can be assigned a specific LED indicator, making it easier for you to look after multiple residents at any one time.

How Is the Bed-Leaving Detection Kit Powered?

This TumbleCare system requires 2 AA batteries, which are supplied with this purchase.

How Hygienic Is the TumbleCare Sensor Mat?

The TumbleCare Bed-Leaving Sensor Mat is easy to wipe clean, allowing you maintain good hygiene practices in between bedding changes. It is also made with an antibacterial PVC, helping to ensure infection control in medical environments.

Technical Specifications

Bed Sensor Mat UMBP-10

  • Overall Dimensions: 760 x 25 x 15mm
  • Sterilisation Type: 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite or alcohol wipes
  • Product Weight: 625g
  • Connection Lead Length: 2 metres

Alert Pager TUMPAG31

  • Power: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Receiver Range: 100 metres
  • Radio Frequency: 433MHz
  • Overall Dimensions (LxHxW) 80 x 52 x 25mm
  • Weight (Without Batteries): 63g

Alarm Transmitter BTXMED04

  • Radio Frequency: 433MHz
  • Transmission Range: 100 metres (open field)
  • Power: 3 x AA 1.5 alkaline batteries
  • Dual Trigger Inputs: 1 x RJ11 (pads), 1 x 6.3mm (contact)
  • Overall Dimensions: 115 x 75 x 30mm
  • Weight: 130g (excluding batteries)

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