SSD Anti-Tamper Control Unit

SSD Anti-Tamper Control Unit

The SDD Anti-Tamper Control Unit is designed for use with the chair/bed and floor mats. Provided with a magnetic clip for use without the mat if required.

The SSD Anti-Tamper Control Unit is designed to work with the chair/bed and floor sensor mat. The options are below.

SSD Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor AlarmSSD Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Alarm
SSD Anti-Tamper Bed/Chair Exit AlarmSSD Anti-Tamper Bed/Chair Exit Alarm
SSD Anti-Tamper Nurse Call Connection LeadSSD Anti-Tamper Nurse Call Connection Lead

Caring for patients who are vulnerable or prone to falls is hard work. You cannot have eyes and ears everywhere, but must monitor their movements to help prevent falls and injuries. Not only do falls distress the patient, but also can damage the care home's reputation – not a position you want to be in.

An ideal way of achieving this is through the use of either the SDD Anti-Tamper Bed/Chair Exit Alarm or the SDD Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Mat

If you require either an additional control unit or wish to replace your existing one, you do not necessarily want to purchase new mats as well. The SDD Anti-Tamper Control Unit is available separately and comes with a magnet cord to alert the carer if the patient moves away from the unit.

Features of the SDD Anti-Tamper Control Unit

The controller works in three different modes:

  • With a chair/bed sensor mat
  • With a floor sensor mat
  • With the magnetic clip

The mats work on the weight transference of the patient. The magnetic clip attaches to the patient's clothes and then is pulled away when they try and move away from the sensor unaided, sounding the alarm and alerting the carer to the movement.

The controller can work either as a stand alone system or be integrated into a pre-existing nurse call system. The correct lead must be obtained to connect to the system so it is important to state which system you are using when checking out.

What the Kit Contains

Purchasing the control unit does not just come with one control unit. The following are provided in the kit:

  • Anti-Tamper Fall Prevention Controller
  • Remote control reset fob
  • Reset key
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Bed mounting bracket
  • Magnetic Clip
  • 4 x AA Batteries

Please Note:  The bed, chair and floor mats are not provided in this kit. For the controller to operate in different modes, they are required.

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