Signal Repeater for MPPL Alarms
Signal Repeater for MPPL AlarmsSignal Repeater for MPPL AlarmsSignal Repeater for MPPL Alarms

Signal Repeater for MPPL Alarms

Boosting the signal from the door contact to the pager, the Signal Repeater for the MPPL Alarms is great for larger houses and thicker walls.

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For best results, this product can also be used with the Medpage MPPL range of products. Tick any items to add them to your order:

The Signal Repeater for MPPL Alarms increases the range of the Door and Window Contact Alarm, Medpage Seizure Alarms, MPPL Bed and Chair Alarms, and MPPL PIR Sensors. This is a great product for larger homes or for homes with thicker walls where radio penetration is an issue. 

The booster receives the signal from the door contact alarm and re-transmits it to the pager instantaneously, increasing the range of the system by 100m. It's great for filling in no-signal zones in your home and is especially useful for large houses or houses with thick walls.

It's powered by a mains power adapter, and also features a backup battery in case of power loss. Setting up the booster is incredibly quick as it auto-configures to the pager and door alarm system upon activation.

Please Note: Images shows MPPL pager for illustrative purposes, pager must be purchased separately

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