Long Range Pendant Transmitter for the POCSAG Pager System
Long Range Pendant Transmitter for the POCSAG Pager SystemLong Range Pendant Transmitter for the POCSAG Pager SystemLong Range Pendant Transmitter for the POCSAG Pager System

Long Range Pendant Transmitter for the POCSAG Pager System

Long-range transmitter with easy press button to signal for assistance, for use with the POCSAG Pager. Can be worn on wrist or around neck and is perfect if caring for multiple patients.

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Long Range Transmitter for the POCSAG Pager System

When caring for the elderly or disabled, you may use a call button and paging system, such as the POCSAG Alphanumeric Display Long Range Pager and Transmitter. These systems usually consist of a single pager and transmitter, for use between one patient and yourself.

But what if there's more than one person in your care? You may have multiple receiver units for different callers which becomes confusing, especially if you want to keep the pagers on your person. Furthermore, what if you have lost your original transmitter? In a busy care home with multiple patients, this can happen. 

The POCSAG Long Range Waterproof Alarm Pendant is a replacement or extension transmitter for the POCSAG Alphanumeric Long Range Pager System. If you have more than one patient in your care, you can add this device to your system so that all alerts are directed to your one pager. Additionally, if your patient loses or damages their original transmitter, you can rest assured knowing it can be replaced.

How Does the Alarm Pendant Work?

The Pendant features an easy push button, ideal for patients with poor dexterity. It simply fastens around the user's wrist or neck using the provided watch strap or lanyard, resulting in accessible, easy use.  

Should your patient or loved one require assistance, they simply press the button and the transmitter will send an alert direct to your existing pager. This can really improve the communication between patient and carer, allowing those who are less able to easily contact and alert someone when they need assistance. 

Multiple transmitters can be used with a single pager, meaning you won't have to have more than one pager on you if you wish to monitor several patients.

Features of the Long Range Transmitter

  • Supplied with a lanyard and wrist watch strap for easy accessibility 
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to wear
  • Central easy-press call button with reassurance LED
  • Low battery warning transmitted to pager
  • Short messages can be programmed to an unlimited number of transmitters - ideal for multiple users monitored by a single pager
  • Range of 400m – ideal for care homes, larger houses and neighbours

Technical specification

  • Power: 1 x CR2032 coin battery (12 months use based on two calls per day)

Additional Information

For customers who wish to use multiple transmitters with a single pager, please be aware that transmitters do not give unique identifying messages unless otherwise programmed. Customers buying the full kit with extra transmitters can request this to be done free of charge upon purchase.

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