Emfit Safebed Occupancy Alarm with Bed Sensor Mat
 Emfit Safebed Occupancy Alarm with Bed Sensor MatEmfit Safebed Occupancy Alarm with Bed Sensor Mat 

Emfit Safebed Occupancy Alarm with Bed Sensor Mat

The Emfit Safebed Occupancy Alarm with Bed Sensor Mat will alert a carer when their patient has got out of bed, alerting them to any wanderings or problems.

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days

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When it comes to patients with dementia or those who are vulnerable and prone to falls, it can be hard to keep track of them. This is hard enough during the day, but when night falls, it can feel like an impossible task. Once you are asleep, how do you know they are safe in their bed and haven't tried to wander or had a fall?

The simple answer is: you don't. But what if you did? What if there was a way of monitoring their activities in the night? This means that you will be able to have a good night sleep yourself and know that should anything befall the one you care for, you will be alerted.

The Emfit Safebed Occupancy Alarm with Bed Sensor Mat is designed to provide that peace of mind. The alarm monitors the movement in the bed from under the mattress and is sensitive enough to even pick up the heartbeat and respiratory of the user. When it does not detect these signs for three seconds, an alarm is sounded. With the carer alerted, no harm can come to the person even if they have got out of bed.

Features of the occupancy alarm with bed sensor mat

The bed monitor is positioned under the mattress of the bed. Placing it directly under the person could lead to damage and cause sores on the individual. The alarm can be set to account for normal night-time movements and ranges between 3 seconds to 30 minutes. Once no movement has been detected in the selected time, an audible alarm with be triggered. This alarm can also be rigged into other alert systems if necessary.

The monitor is made from thin-film ferro-electret sensors. This is all embedded in the pad so there are no loose wires to either fail or cause trip hazards. With the technology enclosed in the mat, this creates a durable and long lasting sensor, meaning there is no fear of it being worn out.

The sensors are extremely sensitive and do not have weight limits, making the mat suitable for anyone of any age or weight. The mat is calibrated with the person's specifications before use in order to gain accurate and precise readings when in use. This helps to prevent false alarms and gives the carer a peace of mind.

The mat is connected to the control unit with a single wire. This unit can then either be positioned next to the bed or mounted on the wall with the bracket that comes with this product. The mat itself is ideally positioned at chest height under the user to ensure the most accurate reading.

The alarm is adjustable, ensuring that it can be heard by the carer wherever they might be positioned. It can be adjusted to the best volume to suit their needs.

The dimensions of the mat are 560 x 60 x 1.4mm.

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