Care Call Smoke Alarm and PIR Movement Monitor System with Signwave

Care Call Smoke Alarm and PIR Movement Monitor System with Signwave

A complete set for detecting smoke and movement, the Care Call Smoke Alarm and PIR Movement Monitor System with Pager quickly alerts carers to the presence of smoke, as well as movement.

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

Our Price:  £449.99 (£374.99 ex vat)

This bundle includes these items. Be sure to choose which smoke alarm you'd like below. To learn more about each individual product, feel free to visit their pages:

Care Call Signwave Receiver with ChargerCare Call Signwave Receiver with Charger
Care Call PIR Movement MonitorCare Call PIR Movement Monitor
Care Call Smoke AlarmCare Call Smoke Alarm

When caring for a loved one, it is vital that you know everything that is going on in your home so that you can best act to help them whenever they need it. Because of how quickly fires can spread and how deadly they and their smoke can be, it's vital that you know the second there's any smoke in your home. It's also key that you ensure those under your care don't wander alone and become a risk to themselves.

The Care Call Smoke Alarm and PIR Movement Monitor System with Signwave is a complete kit that enables you to be quickly and efficiently alerted to the presence of smoke in your home. The kit comes with three parts:

  • Signwave receiver
  • Smoke alarm
  • PIR Movement Monitor

Components of the Care call Kit

Signwave Receiver

The Signwave is designed to be a great base station for alerts for your home. A different monitor can be assigned to each number, and when one is triggered the Signwave uses loud sound and a strobing light to alert you. It's ideal if you spend most of your time in a single room. The Signwave can easily be moved from room to room, and its included charging station ensures that it won't run out of juice when you need it.

Smoke Alarm 

The accompanying Smoke Alarm wirelessly connects to the Signwave and alerts you to the presence of smoke in the air. Connecting to your Signwave receiver, this specific smoke alarm gives you the best chance of ensuring that you are aware of the alarm, in spite of any possible impediments.

PIR Movement Monitor

The PIR Movement Monitor detects when people move in it's field of view and alerts the Signwave, making it a fantastic alternative to carpet pressure pads for helping to protect against wandering. PIR detectors provide the same accuracy as a pressure mat but also have the added advantage of providing less of a trip hazard.

Features of the Care Call Kit

  • Easy to use Signwave
  • Cancel button easily halts alert
  • Drop-in base for easy charging
  • Volume and frequency alterable to suit carer needs
  • Alarm level up to 90dB
  • Wireless Range up to 1000m in open air
  • Swivel base for perfect positioning of the PIR Monitor
  • Compact and easy to install, ideal for where pressure pads might be unsuitable
  • Automatic low battery signal sent to Signwave
  • Free technical helpline
  • LED backlit keys
  • 1 year warranty

Ionisation vs. Optical Smoke Alarms

The Care Call Smoke Alarms are available in two types:

Ionisation Smoke Alarms detect invisible smoke and early stage fires, this makes them ideal for upper floors and bedrooms but can prove too sensitive for single-level dwellings or placement in or near kitchens.

Optical Smoke Alarms detect larger particles of smoke and are less sensitive to cooking fumes, making them idea for downstairs placement and single-level dwellings.

For multi-level houses, it is recommended that an Ionisation Alarm is placed on the upper levels and an Optical Alarm placed on the kitchen level.

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