Signolux Alarmo 2 Smoke Alarm Detector Transmitter for the Hard of Hearing

Signolux Alarmo 2 Smoke Alarm Detector Transmitter for the Hard of Hearing

  • Transmitter detects alarm sounds from existing smoke alarm detectors
  • Sends out a signal to any Signolux receiver to notify deaf users of smoke alarm
  • Developed and tested to detect existing smoke alarm sounds accurately
  • Requires no wiring or modification of  existing smoke alarm detector
Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

Our Price:  £149.87 (£124.89 ex vat)

Signolux Alarmo 2 Smoke Alarm Detector Transmitter for the Heard of Hearing

Having a system in place for hearing impaired users to be notified in the event their smoke alarm goes off creates a safer home environment and can be the difference between life and death for them. The Signolux Alarmo 2 Smoke Alarm Detector Transmitter for the Hard of Hearing works to detect sound from an existing smoke alarm detector when it's gone off, and sends out a signal to a Signolux receiver to notify the hearing impaired user of the event.

Please Note: The Alarmo 2 Transmitter is not a smoke alarm, and must be paired with any Signolux receiver by Humantechnik to send out an alert to the deaf user.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 3 x Re-chargeable batteries

Please note that this product requires a Signolux Receiver, which is not included with your purchase.

What Does the Alarmo 2 Smoke Alarm Detector Transmitter Do?

The Alarmo 2 Transmitter is not a smoke detector, but a detector for smoke alarms. The transmitter can detect alarm sounds from an existing smoke alarm and when it hears your alarm going off, it sends a signal to your Signolux receiver, which will alert you that your smoke alarm is going off.

How Does the Transmitter Work?

When an independent alarm sound is detected, the Alarmo 2 transmits a radio signal to any Signolux receiver within range, which will then alert the deaf user to the event. The Alarmo 2 analyses the noises within its environment for sounds typical of smoke detectors and similar alarm systems.

Please Note: In order to assist this function, the Alarmo 2 should be placed as close as possible to the sound source of the alarm, which is to be monitored (e. g. on a wall close to a smoke detector).

Who Can Use the Alarmo 2 Transmitter?

The Alarmo Transmitter is ideal for home use by deaf/hearing impaired users. The device can be wall-mounted and will not require any wiring or modification of existing smoke alarm detectors, making it easy to set up by anyone.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Detector for smoke alarms alerts deaf or hearing impaired users of smoke alarm sounds
  • Designed for use as a system any Signolux receivers/systems by Humantechnik
  • Detects alarm sounds from all existing smoke alarms without wires or modification
  • Highly-intelligent processor is accurate and with reduced risk of creating 'false alerts'
  • Wall-mountable design and no maintenance required
  • Re-chargeable batteries included

Do I Need To Connect the Transmitter to My Smoke Alarm?

The Alarmo 2 detects the alarm sounds from existing smoke alarms without the need for any modification or wiring. The transmitter has been developed and tested to detect typical alarm sounds without the need for wires.

Is the Transmitter Reliable?

For hearing impaired users being alerted about a fire in the home is vital, and becomes a matter of life and death more so than usual. Ensuring reliability the Alarmo 2 incorporates a highly intelligent processor to listen for typical smoke alarm sounds, and has been tested by utilising many different types of alarm tones. It is also extremely good at not creating false alerts, preventing false alarms and scaring the hearing impaired/deaf user.

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 7.5V-power supply unit on 110 - 230V, 50 - 60Hz, power backup by 3 rechargeable batteries 1.2V
  • Re-chargeable battery standby: approx. 16 hours
  • Frequency: 868.35MHz (915MHz in according export countries)
  • Temperature range: 0°C – 40°C
  • Detection LED: 1 red LED
  • Microphone status LED: 1 red LED
  • Transmission status LED: 1 red LED
  • Battery status LED: 1 red/green LED
  • Height: 95mm
  • Width: 112mm
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Weight: 320g (including batteries)


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