POCSAG Under-Mattress Bed Leaving Sensor Kit

POCSAG Under-Mattress Bed Leaving Sensor Kit

The POCSAG Under-Mattress Kit includes a bed leaving mat, pager, and transmitter to detect when an individual leaves their bed.

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POCSAG Under-Mattress Bed Leaving Sensor Kit

The POCSAG Under-Mattress Bed Leaving Sensor Kit combines a bed mat sensor, pager, and long-range transmitter for monitoring when an individual leaves a bed. It facilitates monitoring with a range of up to 400m, and allows you to program your alarms with clear text messages, ensuring that you know where the problem is occurring.

What's Included?

The batteries required to operate the sensor kit are also provided with your purchase.

Who Can Use the POCSAG Bed Leaving Kit?

The POCSAG Under-Mattress Bed Leaving system is ideal for whether you're caring for an individual or multiple residents in a care home environment. If an individual in your care is prone to getting up and wandering in the night, or if they are at risk of falling out of bed, then this kit can help you to monitor this by issuing an alert when the bed becomes suddenly unoccupied.

How Does the POCSAG Under-Mattress Kit Work?

The bed pressure mat is placed under the mattress, and this is then connected to the transmitter. When the mat detects that the user has left the bed, an alert is transmitted to the long-range transmitter. You can programme messages onto the pager to indicate which mat in the home has triggered the alert (additional mats can be purchased separately), making it particularly useful for care home environments where more than one vulnerable resident may be in your care. 

How Comfortable Is the Under-Mattress Mat?

The bed mat is incredibly thin, which means that it isn't noticeable or uncomfortable in the bed. It can be placed underneath the mattress out of the way.

How Are Alerts Received?

Alerts are sent via the transmitter to the pager. The message can be received either with one of four tones for an audible alert, or as a vibration for a silent alert. This is particularly useful if you work in a noisy environment or if you are monitoring residents at night and do not wish to disturb anybody.

How Clear Is the Pager Screen?

With a backlit display screen, alerts can be read clearly and swiftly. Text is displayed on four lines (or two lines when zoomed in), ensuring you can receive all of the necessary information.

What Is the Transmitter Range?

The transmitter can send a message to a pager from up to 400 metres. Please note that this works best when there are as few obstacles between the transmitter and pager as possible.

How Are Messages Received?

When the pressure sensor is triggered, messages are sent from the POCSAG transmitter to the POCSAG pager. Messages are received in text format, with pre-programmed operation models for the door sensor alarm, floor pressure mat, and bed or chair occupancy sensor. It is also possible to programme in custom messages; please contact our Customer Care team for more information about this before purchasing.

How Compact Is the Pager?

Ensuring you don't need to carry around anything bulky or obtrusive, the pager measures just 53 x 60 x 18mm. It also includes a belt clip so you can attach it to yourself, reducing the need to physically carry it in your hands if no pockets are present.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?

The transmitter is powered by 2 x AAA batteries, which last on average around one year.o last around one year. The pager is powered by 1 x AAA battery, and this should last around six weeks based on four alerts per day.

Technical Specifications

  • Transmitter Specifications:
    • Input Sockets: 2.5mm and 3.5mm
    • Trigger Mode: N/O or N/C
    • FSK Transmission: 433.92MHz @ 10mW
    • Power: 2 x AAA batteries
    • Overall Dimensions (LxWxD): 145 x 40 x 22mm
  • Pager Specifications:
    • Weight with Belt Clip: 78g
    • Frequency: 433.92MHz
    • Power: 1 x AAA battery
    • Display Screen Dimensions: 52 x 28mm (Character height: 6mm)
    • ​Overall Dimensions (HxWxD): 42 x 60 x 18mm
  • Sensor Mat Specifications:
    • Connector Lead Length: 3 metres
    • Overall Dimensions (LxWxD): 750 x 450 x 5mm

Please Note: Any custom text messages must be programmed prior to delivery. If you would like a customised message for any of your POCSAG products, please speak to our Customer Care team prior to making an order.

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