MyHomeHelper 10.1'' Display Dementia Memory Aid Tablet
MyHomeHelper 10.1'' Display Dementia Memory Aid TabletMyHomeHelper 10.1'' Display Dementia Memory Aid TabletMyHomeHelper 10.1'' Display Dementia Memory Aid Tablet
MyHomeHelper 10.1'' Display Dementia Memory Aid TabletMyHomeHelper 10.1'' Display Dementia Memory Aid Tablet

MyHomeHelper 10.1" Display Dementia Memory Aid Tablet

The MyHomeHelper aids independent living in individuals with dementia, enabling you to schedule reminders throughout the day, set up a daily diary to give context to what's happening, and more.

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It's important to provide individuals under your care with as much independence as possible, but at the same time it's vital to ensure you can look after them and ensure their safety when you're not there.

The MyHomeHelper 10.1" Display Dementia Memory Aid Tablet enables you to set up reminders, daily diaries and more to ensure that loved ones are cared for while helping them maintain their independence.

Calendar Clock Mode

The calendar clock display mode on the MyHomeHelper enables you to clearly display the time in whatever format is best, including in different colours. The display will show an analogue clock, a 12 or 24-hour digital clock, the date (which can be set to full, short or day only) and a time of day message that can be adjusted for each hour of the day. This setting is designed to help with sundowning, which can cause agitation and confusion when the sun sets.

Diary Mode

The diary mode enables you to show what is planned for the day or week ahead, helping you keep those under your care informed as to when you will be home, when carers will visit, birthdays, holidays and more. This enables you to provide them with context as to what is happening for the day, helping to put them at ease and enabling them to live more independently. It can be displayed in either daily or weekly mode, and can even alternate between the two.

Reminders Mode

The reminders mode lets you set up important reminders to go off throughout the day. They can be set to appear at a specific time or randomly throughout the day – ideal for reminding loved ones to drink water, take their medication and more.

What's more, you can even set up reminder responses, enabling you to request a response back once a reminder is given. Up to three response options can be set up and you'll receive an e-mail when a response is given.

Photo Mode

Hundreds of photos can be displayed on the MyHomeHelper, enabling it to provide reminiscence and help to strengthen memory. You can even add captions to aid easier recollection.

News Mode

Up to 40 news sources can be selected, enabling those under your care to stay informed with what's going on in the outside world. Up to 4 news headlines will be displayed in the space of a minute.

Messages Mode

The MyHomeHelper can also receive instant messages from a range of different sources including SMS and Facebook. This helps you stay in touch with your loved ones and let them know quickly of any updates. Skype calls can also be made to the MyHomeHelper. These will automatically be picked up, ensuring you can get through instantly.

For more information on how the MyHomeHelper can help you and how it all works, see the Benefits tab above.

Please note: this product includes a 12-month subscription to the website. Once this expires, an additional purchase is required.

Benefits of the MyHomeHelper

The MyHomeHelper has a range of benefits to both you and those under your care. 

User Benefits

To the user, the MyHomeHelper helps increase independence while reducing anxiety, depression and isolation, making life easier for them and making the feel less like a prisoner in their own home. What's more, it also helps to boost memory stimulation and reminiscence, helping to keep their minds more active and alert. It also increases engagement and aids self-care, helping them stay active and look after themselves more easily.

Carer Benefits

To the care, the MyHomeHelper acts as a compliment to the care you give, helping you to care for them when you're not there. It also helps to alleviate carer burden, increase communication options and provides you with peace of mind, ensuring that you can give your best level of care at all times. It can even help you get your life back, making it easier for you to leave them alone knowing that they won't be completely alone and without help.

The MyHomeHelper is set up though the website, enabling you to easily control and adjust the MyHomeHelper from anywhere where there's an internet connection. This enables you to ensure that your loved ones are always up-to-date with their reminders and alerts no matter where you are.

Your purchase includes a 12 month subscription to the website. Please note that once this expires you will need to pay to continue using the online service.

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