Geofire Agrippa Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Alarm

Geofire Agrippa Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Alarm

The Geofire Agrippa Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Alarm is a suitable fire alarm for those who are hard of hearing, using vibrations, text and flashing lights to alert them to the danger during the night.

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Geofire Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Pad

When you or a loved one are hard of hearing, there are many fears and concerns that comes with this. One such concern is hearing the fire alarm. Imagine it is late at night, the fire alarm goes off and because of your hearing impediment, you do not hear the alarm. Actually, don't imagine it. It's not worth it.

But now picture a different scenario. The fire alarm goes off, but instead of sleeping through it, you are jolted awake by the Geofire Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Pad vibrating under your pillow. Upon a glance, you witness lights flashing and the word "FIRE" jolting you from your slumber. You can get up and get out, safely evacuating the premises while the situation is assessed. The worry and concern is dramatically reduced and your safety increased due to knowing that you will be just as safe as those who can hear the alarm sounding.

Features of the Fire alarm pillow pad

This portable device has no wires and no need for any sort of installation, making it ready for immediate use when it arrives. While it can also function as a normal clock - time display and an alarm clock feature to boot - the pad slides under your pillow.  It is embedded with "Listen and Learn" technology, meaning that it "learns" the sound of your fire alarm and reacts only when it hears that specific sound. 

If the fire alarm sounds, the pad vibrates, has a high intensity LED flashing light and a LCD screen reading "fire". This means that the user will be properly alerted through the combination of warnings to any danger that might occur during the night. The fact that it slides under the pillow means that even if the user is deeply asleep, they will feel the vibrations should the fire alarm sound.

The fire alarm pillow pad also has a visual warning when the battery is running low. This means that safety is guaranteed for the batteries will be changed before they reach a critical level and so the pillow pad will continue to react.

Technical Details

The Geofire Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Pad runs on four AA batteries.

It comes with the following settings/measurements:

Measurement Geofire Fire Alarm Pillow Pad
Length 120mm
Width 120mm
Depth 90mm
Weight 380g
Sound 70dB - 75dB/1.2 - 3.0 kHz

The Fire Alarm Vibrating Pillow Pad is compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

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