Floor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with MPPL Pager and Transmitter
Floor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with MPPL Pager and TransmitterFloor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with MPPL Pager and TransmitterFloor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with MPPL Pager and TransmitterFloor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with MPPL Pager and Transmitter

Floor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with MPPL Pager and Transmitter

The Floor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm with Pager and Transmitter helps you to monitor a patient or loved one to help prevent wanderings and falls.

Available, dispatched within 1-4 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-4 days

Our Price:  £92.99 (£77.49 ex vat)

If you are a carer or in charge of keeping an eye on a loved one, it can be hard work. Some in particular are prone to wandering, leaving them at risk of injuries and falls if no one is aware they have moved. But you can't be everywhere at once and you can't always know when they have moved, especially considering how quiet they can be when they change position.

You need a way of being alerted if they were to move, whether that is getting up off their chair or passing through a room they should not.

With the Floor Pressure Mat with MPPL Pager and Transmitter, you can be. The mat should be concealed under a rug or carpet so it does not become a slip hazard, but then positioned in the designated area. This can be next to a bed, a chair or even by an exit they are likely to use. When the pressure is placed on the mat, the sensor will send an alarm to the pager to alert you to the person's movements.

Features of the Floor Pressure Mat

The pressure mat is quick and easy to install as it comes with everything you need: mat, transmitter and pager. The small transmitter is connected to the pad and when pressure is applied to the pad, the transmitter sounds the alarm on the pager. The sensors within the mat are two thin layers and when they connect, the alarm is triggered. 

The transmitter sends a wireless signal to the pager and has a range of 120 meters. The pager can be connected to up to eight pressure mats if required. The alarm has to be reset after a use – even if the person has continued moving and stepped off the mat, the alarm continues to sound, alerting you as the carer to the movement.

The pager runs off 2 AA batteries and the transmitter is powered by 1 PP3 9V battery.

Placement Advice

The pressure pad should always be placed under something due to the slippery nature of the pad. For those who are already unstable on their feet, it is important to ensure the mat will not be a trip hazard if they are not used to stepping onto rugs et cetera. A motion sensor monitor can be used to detect movement as well, such as this PIR Transmitter and Alarm Pager Kit.


The Floor Pressure Mat Wander Alarm is suitable for use with MPPL pagers and can be linked to an unlimited number of existing pagers. Please ensure that you are using MPPL pagers before purchase if you wish to link the pressure mat to an existing system.

Please Note: The mat should not be folded as this will damage and crack the sensors.

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