Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor
Envirotxt Remote Temperature SensorEnvirotxt Remote Temperature SensorEnvirotxt Remote Temperature SensorEnvirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor

Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor

A remote temperature sensor, the Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor sends text message alerts when temperature gets too high or low or if the power cuts out.



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Because it can be difficult for the elderly and infirm to keep themselves at the right temperature, serious complications such as hypothermia and heat stroke can crop up which can be lethal. And while you can't be there at all times to keep an eye on their thermostat you can be alerted when the temperature becomes unsafe.

The Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor has been designed to enable you to remotely monitor the temperature of a room, making it easier to keep loved ones safe from dangerously high or low temperatures.

Temperature Changes

The Envirotxt constantly monitors the ambient temperature of whatever room it's in. If it detects that the temperature has fallen below or risen above a preset range it will instantly send you a text message, enabling you to know immediately that they need your assistance. To monitor specific areas for temperature change, the Envirotxt includes a 1 metre external temperature sensor.

Temperature monitoring is an important part of care; in England and Wales over 2013/14 there were an estimated 18,200 excess winter deaths, the majority of whom were 75 and over.

The Envirotxt will also send you a text message if it detects a rapid temperature rise (for example an increase of 5 degrees in under three minutes), which can be vital in case of a fire.

Power Cuts

Additionally, the Envirotxt will also alert you if there is a power cut, as well as letting you know when power is restored. This can be incredibly important, not only in ensuring that everyday things like frozen food or fish tanks are OK but also for vital apparatus such as life machines and critical care equipment.

Easy Setup

For maximum simplicity, the Envirotxt is incredibly easy to install. Simply insert any SIM card (except Three network cards) and send the number three texts to set up the monitoring parameters and it's good to go.

Any phone can be used with the Envirotxt, not just smartphones, giving you maximum compatibility with your technology.

Does the Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor Work With All SIM Types?

The application that connects to your Temperature Sensor Unit requires a 2G compatible SIM card in order to function correctly. We recommend you contact your network provider if you are unsure whether or not your SIM is 2G compatible.

Discreet Design

Thanks to it's small design, it can be discreetly fitted into any plug socket in the home, fantastic for elderly individuals who are over-protective of their independence even to the point of endangering themselves.

More Features of the Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor

Additional features of the Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor include:

  • Each alert can be turned on or off to suit your needs
  • Can also be used in a range of other industries
  • Multiple numbers can be programmed in
  • Automatically synchronises date and time

Technical Specifications of the Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor

The technical specifications of the Envirotxt Remote Temperature Sensor are:

  • Quad-band GSM module: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz
  • Power: 230V - 240V AC
  • SIM Type: 2G Compatible SIM Required
  • CE compliant
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 2°C
  • Relative humidity: 10% - 90% (without condensation)

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