Life for the hard of hearing can be difficult, even around the home. For any parent to be unaware of their child is a truly daunting prospect, and is all the more worrying for parents with impaired hearing. The Silent Alert SA3000 Hard of Hearing Universal Monitor Baby Alarm is a fantastic solution to this problem, alerting mums and dads to when baby wakes up or their child gets up in the night.

It is recommended that the Baby Alarm is used with the Silent Alert Vibrating Pillow Pad, a vibrating pad that is easily slipped under your pillow to make sure that when baby wakes, so do you!

Peace Of Mind For You And Your Child

Because it connects to the Silent Alert system, the Silent Alert Hard of Hearing Universal Monitor Baby Alarm will immediately let you know if your baby makes a noise by alerting the Silent Alert Pager.

The Silent Alert Baby Alarm will also show the volume of sound on the pager, becoming a live equalizer to display the volume of noise, or if it has stopped and baby has gone back to sleep. With a 1000 metre range you needn't be nervously hovering nearby, the monitor will send an alert to the pager wherever you are in the house so you can carry on with daily tasks while always having your child's safety in mind.

Millions of Other Applications

It's not just for mums and dads! Because the monitor detects noise, it can be used for a variety of different applications such as monitoring a mobile phone. And as it's available with both internal and external microphone, it can even be used to monitor door entry phones where a wired connection can't be made.

More Features of the Silent Alert SA3000 Hard of Hearing Universal Monitor Baby Alarm

  • Adjustable sensitivity to match your setup
  • Delay options so it only notifies you upon sustained crying
  • Minimalist design for discreet use
  • Battery or mains power options
  • Sensitivity control
  • Three trigger delays:- short, medium and long
  • Automatic battery voltage indication on start up
  • Automatic low battery signal to Pager or SignWave
  • Audio monitoring display
  • Can be triggered by voltage or a short circuit
  • Optional external microphone version
  • Can be set to light any symbol on Pager or SignWave
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free Technical Helpline
  • Operating range in open air approximately 1000m

Please note: the Silent Alert SA3000 Hard of Hearing Universal Monitor Baby Alarm is not supplied with Silent Alert Pager.

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