Silent Alert SA3000 Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Telephone Alarm Pack with Alarm Clock Charger

Silent Alert SA3000 Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Telephone Alarm Pack with Alarm Clock Charger

A comprehensive alarm system for hard of hearing, the Silent Alert Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Telephone Alarm Pack with Alarm Clock Charger uses vibrations to notify you.

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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This bundle includes these items. Be sure to select which smoke alarm type you'd prefer. To learn more about each individual product, feel free to visit their pages:

Being hard of hearing can make everyday life difficult. Not being able to hear the telephone makes life that much harder, and what would you do if your home was on fire and you had no way of knowing?

The Silent Alert Hard of Hearing Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Telephone Alarm Pack with Alarm Clock Charger is a fantastic option for the hard of hearing who need another way to be notified of what's going on their home.

And because it uses the Silent Alert system, you can add any more of the Silent Alert systems to it whenever you like.

The Pager

The Silent Alert Pager is designed to notify you when something happens in your home. It has an active range of up to 1000 metres, meaning that you can know what's going on in your home whichever room you are in.

Because the pager starts with a soft vibration, you won't be startled when it notifies you. And each different action has a different vibration and LED button, for single-glance notifications.

The Monitors

Each of the Silent Alert monitors adapts to a different service, so a few of these compact additions around the house can keep you constantly updated, all from the palm of your hand.

The Silent Alert Telephone Monitor plugs into your standard telephone line and picks up when there's an inbound call, vibrating your pager to let you know your phone's ringing.

The Carbon Monoxide Alarm continually monitors the levels of CO in your home and alerts you if the levels become too high. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas which can kill very easily, so it's vital that you know your home is safe at all times.

The Smoke Alarm is based on the EI smoke alarm system, which is known for it's reliability and dependability. Available in ionisation or optical models, you can get the best smoke detection for your home.

  • Ionisation smoke alarms use radiation to detect smoke and are incredibly sensitive - ideal for use upstairs
  • Optical smoke alarms use light to detect smoke - less sensitive and ideal for downstairs use near a kitchen

The Alarm Clock Charger and Pillow Pad

The Silent Alert Charger and Pillow Pad ensure that you can be notified of anything that's going on around the clock. At night, simply place the pager into the charging dock and place the pillow pad under your pillow.

If something happens, the pager will get the signal from the smoke alarm and vibrate the pillow pad, waking you up. And because the pillow pad has the strongest vibration on the market, you know that you'll be notified no matter how much of a deep sleeper you are.

And because the Silent Alert alarm clock charger features a digital clock and alarm, it doubles as a bedside alarm clock.

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